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Common morkie health problems

For a puppy, you should always be careful about Morkie’s health problems. Morkie can be easily damaged by big dogs, children, jumping from high places, being rolled up and a series of other dangers, leading to very dangerous health problems. Morkie is fragile and you should be careful.

Is Morkie usually healthy?

Most of the time, Morkie is a very healthy dog. Some of the things that have been noticed are mainly about their eyes, and Morkie may have health problems with cataracts and glaucoma. The health problems of Morkie‘s collapsed trachea and anti sneezing are also of concern. The best way to make sure you have a healthy puppy is to find a reputable breed. This will ensure that their parents are well bred and that they have all the right vaccinations. You must keep up with the treatment of fleas and worms to reduce the health problems of Morkie.


How long will Morkie live?

A healthy, well taken care of Morkie should live 13-15 years. Some people have known to make it up to 17 years! Because Morkie is a hybrid, it’s hard to know if Morkie has genetic health problems, and whether breeding will eliminate some of the problems that their parents know. As we mentioned above, they have a good life span and they inherited their Yorkshire Terrier parents. However, whether Morkie has health problems may be affected by diet, exercise and mental health. Your Morkie is most worried about their vulnerability. Because they are too small, you should be gentle with your Morkie. This means that a family with children may not be the best environment for your children to grow up.

Possible inherited health problems of Morkie

The possible inherited health problems of Morkie are mainly related to eyes, ears and mouth. They are likely to inherit tears, dark brown or black health problems from their Maltese parents. Morkie may also have health problems with tracheal collapse, cataracts, glaucoma and sneezing.

Health problems of Morkie tracheal collapse

Morkie tracheal collapse health problem is a progressive disease of the dog’s trachea, which usually occurs in smaller dogs and causes breathing problems, frequent coughing and eating difficulties. Cataract can cause vision damage, glaucoma can cause optic nerve damage. Anti sneezing is harmless but can be painful for dogs as it can cause vomiting and forced rapid breathing. However, it is not certain that your Morkie will develop these health problems. You can make sure that you buy it from a reputable breeder to reduce the risk of Morkie suffering from this health problem. Thanks to the longevity of the Yorkshire hound gene, the life expectancy of the Morkie is about 10-16 years. Fortunately, for any potential Morkie owner, this is the upper limit of the dog’s life expectancy. Although puppies live longer, they also face greater health risks. Buy a Morkie.

Morkie’s eye, ear or oral health problems

Morkies are healthier than purebred dogs, but morkies are still vulnerable to parental genetic health problems. To know what to pay attention to in Morkie dogs, it is important to understand the common health problems of Maltese dogs and Yorkshire Terriers.


Because the Maltese and Yorkers are similar in size and stature, they have many similar health problems. Unfortunately, this makes their Morkie offspring more vulnerable to the common health problems of their parents. These Morkie health diseases include hydrocephalus and dental diseases. In addition, small Morkie dogs, usually offspring of “teacup” Yorkshire terriers, are at greater risk under these conditions. A teacup Yorkshire dog is much smaller than the breed standard, and because of its unnatural small size and irresponsible breeding, it usually causes many health problems, trying to produce as small a dog as possible. Because of this, it is not encouraged to buy tea cups or breed small dogs in order to be smaller than their breed habits. Like other small breeds, the Morkie has some health problems. Of the two Morkie breeds, the smaller teacup variety was more likely to suffer from more diseases than the larger variety. Anyway, if you want to have a Morkie dog, be prepared to help the dog deal with the health problems that Morkie may have. Morkie’s windpipe collapses during strenuous activity or exercise. If dogs have a bad diet, they become more vulnerable to these breathing problems. Therefore, avoid overfeeding your Morkie dog. You must play regularly or give them enough exercise to reduce Morkie’s health problems.