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Common Malinois health problems

The health problems of Malinois vary with the age of the dog. What are the common health problems of Malinois? Due to the breeding process, some breeds are prone to some health problems. Malinois is considered to be one of the grazing varieties, which was developed to develop their grazing and guarding ability. Like human health problems, some Malinois may have mild health problems, while others may have severe health problems. Remember, if you are not a veterinarian and you have questions about your Malinois health, it is necessary to consult a veterinarian or a dog health specialist.


Possible health problems in Malinois

Your Belgian Malinois may have the following health problems:

  • Malinois’ eye health problems
  • Health problems of skin allergy in Malinois
  • Malinois hip dysplasia
  • Malinois elbow dysplasia

To reduce the risk of Malinois suffering from health problems, you should use the most important preventive measure-immunization. The above-mentioned Malinois health problems are usually not hereditary health problems. Malinois is healthy and not prone to major health problems. However, both adult dogs and puppies are prone to eye and skin problems. In order to avoid different infections, it is very important that you regularly check the cleanliness of the dog’s teeth, ears and eyes, so as to keep the dog healthy. It is not recommended to wash your Marino regularly because it dries out the natural oils in the dog’s fur, and it is allergic to the skin, causing Malinois health problems. If you’re looking for a Malinois puppy, it’s necessary to find out as much information as possible about breeding. Professional breeders will give you all information about the health history of Malinois parents with background and puppies with Health permission.

Hereditary epilepsy is the most terrible health problem in Malinois

The health problems of epilepsy occur in Malinois. Hip dysplasia is not a serious problem among Belgians compared to other large breeds. Malinois had the highest infection rate (5%). 3-4% for other varieties.
Elbow dysplasia is also the most common health problem in Malinois, which accounts for about 10% of the impact. Other orthopedic health problems of Malinois include osteochondritis, panchondritis and patellar dislocation. About 15% of Malinois have eye problems. The most common is cataract, which occurs in adult dogs. Persistent pupillary membrane is a common form of Tervuren. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and retinal dysplasia have been reported in Malinois. Buy a Malinois.

Skin health problems of Malinois

Skin health problems in Malinois include allergies (which cause itching and can lead to pyoderma) and Demodex. In Malinois, a rare skin disease called vitiligo has been reported. Like most varieties, Malinois is often a victim of cancer. The most common cancers in Malinois are lymphosarcoma, angiosarcoma and osteosarcoma. Other potentially serious health problems of concern to Malinois include hypothyroidism, abdominal distension, heart disease (cardiomyopathy), degenerative myelopathy, colitis (inflammatory bowel disease), and pancreatitis.

You can buy insurance for Malinois


Malinois has several different health problems. Sometimes, after a health problem or recovery period, they can be very expensive, which is why it recommends getting dog health insurance. This insurance will help you to afford veterinary care your dog may need. take it easy. Take the time to compare different insurance companies and choose the best deal for you and your dog. Some countries think that Malinois is a variety of one variety, while others think that they are different varieties. So, you can take out insurance for your Malinois to prevent Malinois’ health problems.