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Common malchi health problems

Generally speaking, malchi dog is affected by health problems, while other malchi species are similar in body shape. The good news, however, is that most of these malchi health problems can be prevented and treated with the right care.

Health problems of malchi parents


Malchi is generally healthy and lives more than 12 years. However, this breed is vulnerable to some health problems. Malchi may have genetic health problems. But not all of malchi’s health problems are genetic. If you buy a malchi malchi from a breeder, you should ask about the genetic history of malchi to avoid genetic disease.

Many malchi dog diseases are related to the size of malchi. Some are inherited, some are acquired. Puppies like malchi are vulnerable and can suffer from a variety of malchi health problems. If you want to get a malchi, there are several malchi varieties whose health problems may affect this variety. Not all malchi are affected by these common malchi health problems, but you should know that malchi is more prone to these problems.

Malchis patients may have mild health problems, such as corneal dystrophy, tremor leg syndrome, cryptorchidism, mitral valve dysplasia, portosystemic shunt. The main problems of progressive retinal atrophy are patellar dislocation and patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). Some routine tests that track malchi’s health problems include knee tests, PRA DNA, blood and body tests, and heart analysis. One misconception about hybrid malchi is that malchi is healthier. The idea is to expand the gene pool to help dilute the coding genes for certain genetic diseases. Sadly, this is not always the case. Genetics means that some unfortunate pups may inherit malchi’s health problems rather than avoid bullets.


This malchi health problem, also known as white malchi shake syndrome, is handled according to the instructions on the can. Malchi dog is most common in small dogs, especially white dogs, and causes significant uncontrollable tremors. It is believed that this malchi health problem is caused by mild inflammation in the brain, possibly due to the immune system attacking malchi’s nervous system. Mild cases do not require treatment, but malchi, the most severely affected, may require immunosuppressive drugs such as steroids.


This malchi health problem refers to the retention of testicles in male puppies. Normal testicles should descend to the scrotum, which is cooler than its malchi part of the body. The remaining testicles can be seen in the groin or abdomen. Unfortunately, this malchi health problem means that malchi’s exposure to higher temperatures makes testicular tissue prone to cancer. If the testicles have not fallen to the scrotum at 6 to 9 months old, surgical resection is a good way to treat this malchi health problem.


This malchi dog health problem is the accumulation of fluid in the brain, which is usually found in affected cubs at birth. The severity of this malchi health problem varies, the most serious of which is brain damage, which may not be compatible with life.

Mitral Valve Disease

This malchi health problem is a heart disease that affects the left valve of the heart. At an early stage, malchi is healthy, but veterinarians may detect murmurs during routine examinations. Sometimes things never get better, malchi lives a normal, positive life. However, this malchi health problem does worsen over time and eventually enter heart failure. Modern medicine has brought new hope to malchi, who suffered from mild to severe heart disease. But the key to malchi’s success is early detection of problems and regular heart scans. This requires the owner to work closely with malchi’s veterinarian to get the best results for malchi’s pet.

Patellar dislocation

This malchi health problem is also known as the knee bone swing, which refers to unstable position of the knee bone. This leads to a physically locked leg, which is represented by malchi’s jump steps with hind legs. In mild cases, only occasional pain relief is needed. However, serious malchi health problems can develop early arthritis and reconstruction of knee surgery is desirable.


Eye problems

Malchi is prone to malchi’s health problems with atrophy of the retina, a Malachi health problem that affects vision in dark light. The Malachi health problem is characterized by bumping into an object or disorientation. Eye related health problems in malchi puppies include conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, and corneal ulcers. Corneal abrasions and ulcers are caused by scratches. Buy a Malchi.

Dental problems

Many small breeds suffer from tooth and gum disease caused by overcrowding of teeth in malchi’s mouth. This malchi health problem can cause dog to have scaling and plaque accumulation, and if not treated, it will cause periodontal disease. Regular dental care is essential for malchi.


This Malachi health problem is one of the most common health problems in malchi dogs. Malchi had a very low blood sugar. Symptoms of this malchi health problem are sleepiness, weakness, restlessness and shivering. If you want to know more information about Malchi dog, you can click here.