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Common leonberger health problems

Although not all of Leonberger’s health problems can be prevented, if Leonberger eats a healthy diet and follows a healthy lifestyle, his risk of some health problems can be greatly reduced. Regular veterinary checks are also important to rule out Leonberger’s health problems. A lot of useful health information can be obtained from knowledgeable breeders and dog organizations, although there is no substitute for good veterinary advice.

Abdominal distention


Unfortunately, the cause of this Leonberger’s health problem is uncertain. Veterinary agencies, including ASPCA, often recommend the following steps to avoid this Leonberger health problem. This Leonberger health problem involves two different processes. In the first stage, the stomach fills with gas and fluid and expands. This may be followed by the second stage of gastric volvulus. This kind of Leonberger’s health problem may interfere with the function of other organs and important processes, such as blood flow in blood vessels. This kind of Leonberger’s health problem is a life-threatening situation and a medical emergency. It’s a potentially fatal disease where the stomach dilates and then spins in the body. Symptoms of Leonberger’s health problems include drooling, abdominal swelling and retching. When these accidents happen, it’s important to see a veterinarian as soon as possible. This Leonberger health problem is often due to swallowing food too fast, so using a slow feed bowl can reduce the risk. Studies have also shown that diarrhea and vomiting are common health problems for Leonberger. A healthy diet is the best way to minimize Leonberger’s health problems.

Dysplasia of hip joint

This kind of Leonberger’s health problem is a condition of hip dysplasia, which can cause discomfort and movement problems. This kind of Leonberger’s health problems range from mild to severe. Some dogs do not have any symptoms from their hip dysplasia, while others need medical or surgical treatment.

Osteochondritis dissecans

This kind of Leonberger’s health problem is another relatively common one. This kind of Leonberger’s health problem can lead to the rupture of articular cartilage, which eventually leads to joint claudication. This kind of health problem often makes it difficult for Leonberger to stay active. Although osteochondritis and joint dysplasia can weaken and affect Leonberger’s life span, they can also avoid this kind of health problem of Leonberger through healthy screening breeding dogs.


This kind of Leonberger’s health problem is another bone problem that affects Leonberger’s health. Typical of Leonberger’s health problems affecting young dogs, it’s a painful inflammation of the bone that leads to a sudden limp that transfers to the whole leg.

Fortunately, as dogs grow and their bones mature, this Leonberger health problem often resolves itself.


According to statistics, many Leonberger have cataracts. This Leonberger health problem is a degenerative disease that causes progressive lens opacity. This kind of Leonberger’s health problem tends to worsen with age and with ultraviolet radiation. Although it is not a big problem for Leonberger’s life expectancy, if this kind of health problem seriously reduces the dog’s vision, Leonberger will significantly reduce the dog’s quality of life. Fortunately, this health problem of Leonberger is a disease that can be screened and effectively treated.



Unfortunately, this kind of health problem is Leonberger’s number one killer. For young Leonberger, the risk of cancer exists, while for older Leonberger, the risk of this kind of health problem increases exponentially with age. The most common types are osteosarcoma and angiosarcoma. Other cancers, though less common, affect Leonberger. Because of this Leonberger health problem, the average life expectancy of a dog is only seven years. However, if a dog can live to the age of four healthily, Leonberger is likely to live to double digits. Buy a Leonberger.

Leonbergers can also inherit and develop other Leonberger health problems, including thyroid diseases, monoorchitis and polyneuropathy. Thyroid disease (when the immune system attacks the thyroid) and monoorchitis (a rare condition in which the testes of Leonberger puppies cannot descend) are both easy and inexpensive treatments. Leonberger’s efforts to keep the nervous system healthy are rare, but Leonberger’s disease may not cause multiple neurological problems.