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Common la chon health problems

What are the common health problems of La Chon? La Chon is usually healthy, but La Chon may have allergies, dental health problems, digestive problems, urinary problems, eye problems, bone problems, etc.



The health problem of La Chon is the first one inherited from her parents. This may be the most common health problem in La Chon varieties. If your dog has this health problem with La Chon, you may notice that she itches, scratches a lot, and even bites herself. Check if your dog has an irritating spot on her skin, or even a place where her hair falls off. Generally speaking, this kind of health problem of La Chon is due to La Chon’s food allergy, the things that La Chon contacts in the environment, and sometimes La Chon has seasonal allergy, just like your pollen fever.

Gum disease and tooth decay

La Chon’s health problem may be the second most common health problem for this kind of dog. Gum disease and bad teeth can lead to more serious La Chon health problems, such as heart disease and renal failure. You really don’t want your la Chon dog to lose his teeth!

Fortunately, this La Chon health problem is one that you can do something about. If you brush your dog’s teeth to avoid this, La Chon’s health problem is to avoid eating food on the table and soft food. If necessary, ask a veterinarian to clean your dog’s teeth. You can avoid most dental problems and related medical conditions.

Digestive system of La Chon

Of course, it sounds very simple. If your dog eats something bad, it will lead to this kind of health problem of La Chon. However, the fact is that most dogs occasionally eat something they hate. Even if you are very careful with chemicals, cleaning supplies and harmful plants at home, your dog will find some tempting to eat outdoors! The result, of course, is stomach discomfort and vomiting (and sometimes diarrhea), almost always at 2 a.m. It’s not fun, but dogs can be sneaky animals. La Chon likes garbage and other dirty things, which can lead to La Chon’s health problems. Occasionally, dog food or dog food that causes Salmonella is recalled. In addition to eating things we don’t even want to touch, La Chon has other health problems, such as pancreatitis.

Kidney and urinary tract problems

Your la Chon urinary system works to eliminate waste in her body, and it is also responsible for balancing water and electrolytes (salt) in her body.

The urinary system also helps maintain healthy blood pressure and handle vitamin D, which is important for a healthy immune system. Some La Chon’s health problems are genetic, while others are the result of injury, disease or exposure to toxins. Bladder stones are very common in La Chon. If your la Chon urinates frequently, has a lot of bladder infections, and starts to have “accidents” at home, he may have bladder stones or urinary tract infections. In addition, some dogs get kidney disease or kidney stones. There are problems with eyes, ears, nose and throat. Your dog’s world is so important that his senses are sometimes affected by La Chon’s health problems or injuries.


This health problem of La Chon is the most common eye disease. What is cataract? La Chon’s health problem is that it can cause the lens of the eye to become cloudy, making vision blurred. Without surgical resection, the health problem of La Chon will become more and more serious. Cataracts in dogs and people eventually lead to blindness. The tendency to have cataracts is hereditary, so it’s helpful to know the history of your dog’s parents. Dogs can also get conjunctivitis or red eyes in dogs and old age pilus, sometimes glaucoma and other health problems of La Chon.

Ear infection

This kind of La Chon‘s health problems are susceptible to infection. These ear infections may be due to ear mites, yeast, bacteria, improper diet or irregular cleaning of your dog’s ears. If you suspect that your la Chon has this kind of La Chon health problem, please see your veterinarian immediately. It is very important to treat this health problem of La Chon as soon as possible so that it will not worsen. If not detected and treated in time, this health problem of La Chon can lead to deafness.

Patellar dislocation

This La Chon health problem is one of the most common. This health problem of La Chon basically refers to the loosening of the knee bone, which leads to instability of the leg. This is an age-related problem, and this health problem of La Chon is related to the degradation of the strength and structural integrity of the ligaments that support the patellar joint.

This health problem of La Chon is a genetic disease, but environmental factors such as diet and exercise may affect whether it exists in your dog. This kind of La Chon’s health problem itself can lead to abnormal hip joint formation, if not treated, it will lead to mobility and severe arthritis.


You may also encounter Legg Perthes disease, which is common not only in La chonfreise breeds, but in most small dog breeds. This La Chon health problem is a condition in which blood flow to the femoral head is interrupted. Therefore, necrosis will affect the integrity and function of the joint. Finally, La Chon has many trauma related health problems. La Chon has a very carefree and playful temperament, which often makes her in trouble.

Ear problems

This kind of health problem of La Chon is very common. La Chon has hair growing in the ear canal of La Chon, which makes La Chon more vulnerable to ear infection. You can help prevent them by trimming the hair and cleaning the dog’s ears with solutions designed to keep the skin barrier and ear flora healthy. If your dog’s ears are red and / or itchy, and there may even be secretions, it’s important that your dog’s La Chon health problem be examined.

Urinary tract problems

This La Chon health problem is more common in this breed than in other dogs. Kidney stones usually do not require treatment in dogs unless this health problem of La Chon causes ureteral obstruction. If this happens, surgery is needed to prevent further complications, such as kidney failure. Some dogs may not show any signs of kidney stones, while those with La Chon’s health problems may show symptoms similar to urinary tract infection. Symptoms of La Chon’s health problems include bloody urination, genital licking, loss of appetite, drowsiness and abdominal pain. Providing the right diet and ensuring your dog has access to clean water can help prevent La Chon from developing bladder or kidney stones. Buy a La Chon.

Liver problems

La Chon is more likely than others to have a liver disease called portosystemic shunt (PSS). This means that when the toxin bypasses the main organ of the liver, it doesn’t actually need to be removed from the blood before it goes through the gut. Signs of this La Chon health problem may include slow growth, poor activity compared to this La Chon health problem, vomiting and loss of appetite, and even mental disorders and seizures.