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Common Japillon health problems

Your japillon may suffer from health problems from its parents. Japillon is a small, skinny, energetic dog, also known as the European toy hound or spaniel. Japillon has a long fur, which is straight. The most remarkable feature of this small breed is that its butterfly ears have long hairs. The hair of the japillon animal is of medium length, with feathers covering the back of the forelegs and hind legs. The dog has a distinctive proud tail with fur on it.

Health problems of japillon Addison disease

This kind of health problem of japillon is caused by adrenal hypofunction, which is often called adrenocortical hypofunction. The adrenal gland is responsible for the production of steroids and other hormones, maintaining normal blood volume and blood pressure, and regulating blood electrolyte levels.
Autoimmune destruction of these glands leads to symptoms of intermittent vomiting, diarrhea and weakness, which may initially be mistaken for many other diseases. Once identified, this japillon health problem can be successfully managed with drugs.

Health problems of chapillon cataract

Congenital and acquired cataracts can be seen in japillon. There is opaque material deposition in the lens, which makes the eyes appear milky white or crystalline. These can lead to visual impairment and, if severe, surgery may be needed in some cases to correct this kind of japillon health problem. Diabetes is easy to cause cataract in old dogs.

Health problems of tracheal collapse in japillon

Rapid inhalation can flatten the trachea, making it difficult for air to enter the lungs. Symptoms of japillon’s health problem include a dry cough, cough, lack of exercise, difficulty breathing and vomiting while eating and drinking. Any dog showing these symptoms should see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Health problems of japillon corneal dystrophy

The transparent surface of the eye, that is, the cornea can not develop normally, which will lead to visible pits and defects of normal smooth surface. This health problem usually doesn’t make sense in infected dogs.

Health problems of japillon’s deafness

The health problems of congenital deafness may be seen in some japillon puppies, which should be obvious from six weeks old to observant breeders. When choosing a dog, pay attention to the dog’s response to sound.

Health problems of chapillon’s entropion

Under normal circumstances, the eyelids of this breed are quite “tight”, and it is easy to roll to the surface of the eyes, which leads to the problem of japillon. This usually appears as watery or irritating eyes in puppies and can be treated successfully by surgery.

Health problems of japillon follicular dysplasia

Hair growth due to degeneration of follicular cells in the skin of japillon. Japillon is one of the varieties prone to this health problem, which eventually leads to hair loss. Areas with dark hair are more vulnerable.

Health problems of japillon with hypothyroidism

The most common health problem in dogs is hormonal disorder. Japillon’s tumor is one of about 50 kinds of dogs. It is caused by the improper destruction of the immune system to the hormone secreting cells of the gland. Thyroid hormone deficiency leads to low metabolic rate, and weight gain and hair loss are common features. Hormone replacement therapy is cheap and effective for this kind of health problem in japillon.

Health problems of japillon patellar dislocation

Because of their lightweight bone structure, japillon often suffers from this health problem, commonly known as “knee gliding.”. As the term implies, the kneecap, or patella, of one or both legs is not in a normal position in the groove at the end of the thigh bone. This may lead to the development of pain and osteoarthritis. The affected dog has a typical “jump” gait when walking or running.

Health problems of japillon’s retinal atrophy

Retinal atrophy, another health problem that often affects japillon, causes vision loss due to the degeneration of eye neurons responsible for vision. Buy a Japillon.

Health problems of japillon’s von Willebrand disease

The health problem of japillon’s von Willebrand disease is a genetic disease with abnormal platelets, the white blood cells responsible for the formation of blood clots. This can lead to minor cuts and excessive bleeding after injury.