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Common havanese health problems

Common health problems in Havanese include cataract, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), knee dislocation (patellar dislocation), ear infection, poodle eyes and dry skin. None of these problems is life-threatening. Havanese’s knee problems can lead to leg bending. Cataract and retinal atrophy can lead to early blindness.

Fortunately, Havanese’s breeders regularly test his paternal, maternal and puppies for these diseases. The American HAVANESE Club recommends that the dog’s eyes, knees, hips and hearing be examined annually. Eye test results are registered with the canine eye registration Foundation (CERF), and knee and hip tests are registered with the animal orthopaedic Foundation (OFA). An honest breeder should be able to provide you with results about your Havanese.


Many of Havanese’s health problems are not inevitable. You, your best friend and protector of Havanese, are the first line of defense. Pay attention to changes in your Havanese‘s behavior or appearance. You used to be Havanese, and now you lie there all day? Do your Havanese have the same defecation habits? Is your Havanese eating? Any of these changes could be a harbinger of Havanese’s health problems.

You’re the first line of defense for Havanese’s health problems. You should pay attention to your Havanese and notice any changes in its behavior or appearance. Usually, lively and playful animals become dull and listless, which may be uncomfortable. Loss of appetite or weight loss can also be a sign of illness. Check your Havanese coat regularly for fleas and lice. The mass under the skin may be a sign of an abscess wound, and you should receive immediate veterinary care to treat Havanese’s health problems.


The health problem with Havanese is a slow eye movement disorder that causes lens opacity. This can lead to blurred or poor vision and make Havanese’s eyes look cloudy. This health problem with Havanese usually occurs in older dogs and can be removed surgically if you choose.

Dysplasia of hip joint

This Havanese health problem is a degenerative disease found in many dog breeds. The hip joint weakens, causing pain and claudication in Havanese’s hind legs. The health problem with Havanese is a genetic disease that needs to be tested when dogs breed to reduce the risk. But this health problem with Havanese can also occur in dogs with a clear history.

Perth’s disease of leg

This health problem with Havanese also affects the hip. The blood in the femoral head decreases until it collapses. There may be inflammation or arthritis in the hip.

Patella dislocation

This Havanese health problem is a common disease in small dog breeds. The knee, or patella, where it slides in and out, is not aligned properly. Your dog’s abnormal gait can cause problems with your health. It will depend on the severity.


This health problem of Havanese is often referred to as “dwarfism.”. Dogs with this disease have shortened limbs. Although some people think it’s cute, it can be disabled in serious cases. Dogs with this health problem of Havanese should not breed. Dogs with this Havanese health problem can also have legs of normal length, but with unilateral or bilateral deviation. The treatment of this Havanese health problem is surgical, and the bias is severe enough to interfere with function. Surgical treatment includes straightening the leg. When the blood supply of the femoral head is interrupted, leading to osteocyte necrosis or death, it will produce femoral head necrosis. This health problem of Havanese is also considered to be genetic. It is suggested that Havanese infected with LCP should not be used in breeding program. The treatment of LCP includes resection of the affected femoral head and neck. The incidence rate of Havanese’s health problems is unclear because the number of dogs examined is very small.

Heart problems

Havanese’s heart murmurs increased significantly. Treatment for this Havanese health problem may include medication, diet and/or surgery. Buy a Havanese.


This kind of health problem of Havanese was found in Havanese. Havanese puppies are only 5 weeks old and can be diagnosed as deaf by Baer test. The incidence rate of this Havanese health problem is not known, because detection is not widespread or consistent.

Other diseases with lower incidence rate found in Havanese include, but are not limited to, epilepsy, renal dysplasia, hypothyroidism and skin problems, including sebaceous glands. All the health problems of Havanese can be screened in breeding dogs. There’s no guarantee that health problems won’t pop up, but good, reputable breeders can make informed reproductive decisions by screening the health problems of Havanese’s breeding dogs.