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Common dogo argentino health problems

What are the common health problems of Dogo Argentino? Dogo Argentino’s life expectancy is relatively good for large breeds, with an average of 9 to 15 years. In general, Dogo Argentino is a healthy breed, but of course, there are some genetic health problems to pay attention to.

It is important for Dogo Argentino to check up health problems

These health problems include dysplasia of hip joint, autoimmune thyroiditis, deafness, skin problems, such as allergies and so on. If you are worried about any possible health problems with a pure dog Dogo Argentino, there is always a choice of early health checks. Early health checks can help you prepare, or even prevent certain Dogo Argentino health problems, and the Dogo Argentino health problems your dog may face.

Dogo Argentino oral health

While many of us may just not like our Dogo Argentino odor, it is important to know what this Dogo Argentino health problem might mean. Oral health problems with Dogo Argentino are signs that your Dogo Argentino should have a dental examination. This Dogo Argentino health problem is that plaque caused by bacteria can cause unpleasant smells and can only be eliminated through professional treatment. After professional tooth cleaning, her mouth can be kept in a healthy state, brush her teeth regularly, feed a special diet focusing on tooth health, eliminate food on the table to solve this Dogo Argentino health problem. Veterinarians can provide you with additional information to reduce oral diseases and bad breath. You should clean Dogo Argentino’s teeth twice a week with a paste made of dog cream or baking soda and water. You can brush your teeth with sterile gauze pads, a nylon pantyhose on your fingers or with a child’s soft toothbrush. Sometimes, Dogo Argentino has periodontal disease, a health problem with Dogo Argentino, which is an infection between the gums and teeth. Sometimes, periodontal disease can cause teeth to fall off. This Dogo Argentino health problem can also spread to other parts of the body of Dogo Argentino. Veterinarians may use cleaning teeth as part of the Dogo Argentino health program.

Dogo Argentino bad breath

Even if the odor caused by oral diseases is not serious if it is found early, sometimes it may indicate a serious Dogo Argentino health problem. Sweet fruit taste is often a sign of diabetes, and intestinal or liver diseases can cause bad breath. If your dog Argentino breath has a urine or ammonia smell, the kidney’s Dogo Argentino health problem may be a cause. If you are sure your Dogo Argentino has smelly breathing and other symptoms of Dogo Argentino health problems, such as loss of appetite, nausea, weight loss, depression, excessive urination and drinking, set up a visit to his doctor.


If your Dogo Argentino is exposed to mosquitoes, she is at risk of heart filariasis. The Dogo Argentino health problem is because mosquitoes take bugs from one dog to another. The infection of the filariae is fatal. It’s important to make sure that your Dogo Argentino receives blood tests for the parasite every spring. It is recommended that you take a pill to your dog Dogo Argentino every month during warm and humid times of the year to protect it from this Dogo Argentino health problem. If you go to the south for a holiday in winter and your Dogo Argentino, he should take preventive drugs on the journey. In some areas, usually in areas with low temperatures, veterinarians recommend continuing the use of insect drugs to reduce this Dogo Argentino health problem.

Intestinal parasites of Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is often exposed to worms and possible infestations, even in urban areas. Eggs Carrying hookworm and Ascaris are transmitted through dog feces. Even the healthiest dog, Dogo Argentino, carries roundworms or hookworms. The key to the treatment of this Dogo Argentino health problem is early detection. Early, accurate diagnosis maximizes the possibility that prescription drugs are effective for your Dogo Argentino worm. For example, the worm repellent that kills the Ascaris cannot kill tapeworms. Your doctor Dogo Argentino can well identify the culprit and specify the right treatment for Dogo Argentino health problems. Buy a Dogo Argentino.


This is a common health problem of Dogo Argentino, which is undoubtedly due to the white of Dogo Argentino in the population, because the hearing of genes and fur color are closely related to dogs. As we all know, the blue eyed Dogo Argentino is highly likely to lose hearing.

Dysplasia of hip joint

This Dogo Argentino health problem affects (usually) the hip pain of larger dogs. The hip is not formed correctly, which leads to gait abnormality and discomfort. Parents who reproduce should use X-rays to check this, and animals with poor hips should not be used to reproduce to reduce this Dogo Argentino health problem.

Elbow dysplasia

This Dogo Argentino health problem is a disease of the elbow disease, which causes pain and limp due to the growth disorder of elbow joint. Diagnostic imaging can determine this Dogo Argentino health problem, and surgery may be recommended.


This Dogo Argentino health problem is a disease that is usually associated with larger dogs and dogs with deeper breasts. As the name implies, this Dogo Argentino health problem is a disorder that occurs when the stomach expands and distorts and traps the content inside. If veterinarians don’t correct them in time, this Dogo Argentino health problem can be fatal.