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Common cockalier health problems

As with all other crossbreeds, cockalier may be prone to heredity, which usually affects the health of its parents. However, there is no way to determine the long-term health problems of a cockalier, and there is no guarantee that a cockalier will have any health problems of its parents. As a pet owner, the best thing you can do is to be aware of potential health problems, so that once cockalier has symptoms of such health problems, you can take your cockalier to the vet.


Is cockalier usually healthy?

Due to the long ear canal of cockalier’s parents, this species is usually susceptible to ear infection, so pay attention when swimming. Other health problems of Cockalier may include eye diseases, hip dysplasia, patellar dislocation, hypothyroidism, obesity, swelling and skin problems.

When encountering cockalier, you should pay attention to the health problems of cockalier ear infection, heart problems, hip dysplasia, patellar dislocation, eye diseases, syringomyelia, cancer, allergy, cockalier liver health problems, obesity, swelling, hypothyroidism, cockalier skin health problems, epilepsy, immune-mediated hemolytic anemia and autoimmune hemolytic anemia Blood and other health problems of cockalier.

Different genetic health problems will arise in cockalier varieties and responsible breeding will be necessary if this new hybrid is to remain healthy and cold tolerant.

Health problems of cockalier ear infection

Anyone with cockalier will know about the health problems of persistent heartache caused by chronic ear pain. Cockalier, infected with this health problem, may shake his head, scratch his ears, or even tilt his head to one side. A keen owner may notice that the skin inside cockalier’s ears is red and has a strong smell. This is a serious health problem for cockalier.

Veterinarians should take a sample of the ear contents at the time of diagnosis to determine the type of health problem associated with cockalier infection. Severe cockalier health problems with infections may require ear irrigation under anesthesia, as well as long-term antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment.

Health problems of cockalier mitral valve

Sadly, the incidence rate of mitral valve health problems in Cockalier is the highest among dogs, and more than half of the dog species suffer from this health problem. Although crossbreeding with Cocker dogs may help, it doesn’t eliminate the problem. Breeding animals should be checked annually for health problems with heart murmurs, and you’d better be evaluated by a cardiologist. Buy a Cockalier.

Health problems of cockalier patellar dislocation


Dislocation of the cockalier patella may be a common health problem in any breed of dog, but it is more common in smaller cockaliers. The first sign the owner sees is usually a temporary limp in the hind leg, which makes cockalier look like he’s jumping a step or two. X-ray of the knee joint can diagnose cockalier’s health problems, and surgical treatment is recommended for severe cases. Like all mixed breed cockaliers, cockalier may be vulnerable to health problems that usually affect his parents. However, there is actually no way to find out the long-term health of a cockalier. At the same time, there is no guarantee that your little cockalier will suffer from any health problems of the parent breed. The best way is to understand the various health problems that may occur, so that you can take good care of your beloved pet.