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Common cava tzu health problems

Cava Tzu is a very healthy dog and Cava Tzu should not have too many health problems. However, there are some health problems with cava Tzu that you should know in advance.

Parental health problems of cava Tzu


Because of its large gene pool, this hybrid cava Tzu is not prone to specific health problems. However, cava Tzu can inherit some genetic health problems, such as hip dysplasia, patellar dislocation, hypothyroidism, tracheal collapse, skin problems, allergies, heart problems and periodontal disease. Some health problems of cava Tzu can be inherited from their parents, such as patellar dislocation, kidney problems, bladder problems, eye problems, umbilical hernia, liver problems, heart problems, SM, paroxysmal falls, allergies, hip dysplasia, health problems of ear infection, health problems of teeth, nasal congestion and sneezing. You have a better chance to avoid these cava Tzu’s health only from trusted breeders who can prove the parents’ health license to buy. You should also check before you buy it so you can see where cava Tzu is being held and perhaps the health of other animals there.

As a hybrid, so far, there is no statistical data directly related to the expected health problems of cava Tzu. However, individual parent varieties are known to suffer from health problems such as heart disease or syringomyelia. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that some cava Tzu puppies will take after not only the appearance of the parents.

Health problems of cava Tzu mitral valve

A beautiful breed, such as the knight King Charles hound, is so prone to heart disease health problems, which is a great sorrow, so cava Tzu will also have such health problems. Cava Tzu has health problems with heart murmurs throughout her life. Because of such a strong genetic predisposition to the health problem of heart valve leakage, some pups may follow their parents’ footprints when they give birth. This kind of cava Tzu health problem is almost inevitable.

The mitral valve is located on the left side of the heart, separating the atrium from the ventricle. In the affected cava Tzu, the valve becomes thickened with extra fibrous tissue, which means that it does not bond perfectly for a long time. This cava Tzu health problem causes blood to leak through the heart in the wrong direction, which is a kind of murmur.

The health problems of cava Tzu’s heart murmur are different from those of heart failure, but may be the first step on this path. However, there are some new drugs that can significantly extend life expectancy and reduce the incidence of cava Tzu health problems when it begins to deteriorate in a specific place.

Health problems of syringomyelia

It’s a devastating health problem, a common cava Tzu disease. This health problem of cava Tzu affects the brain and spinal cord. The brain is too big to accommodate the cranial cavity, and the spinal cord has cystic lesions.

This kind of health problem of cava Tzu is a painful situation, which will bring great pain to cava Tzu. At present, there is no choice of surgical treatment and the discomfort of treatment with powerful analgesics is the choice for this cava Tzu health problem.

Health problems of short head obstructive airway syndrome

Short head obstructive airway syndrome, or boas, is more common in families with cava Tzu, but cava Tzu is also frequently affected by this health problem. This condition is related to the mismatch of soft tissue structure (such as tongue, soft palate and tonsil) and bone case (i.e. skull), which contains cava Tzu.


The result of this cava Tzu health problem is difficulty breathing because these soft tissue structures are compressed into too small a space. Some cava Tzu health problems are mild, and owners need extra care. Cava Tzu does not overheat in hot weather. However, serious cava Tzu health problems are always hard to breathe, which raises concerns about welfare. Surgery to correct some size mismatched health problems can improve the quality of life, but these animals should never be raised because it will keep cava Tzu’s health problems going on to the next generation. Buy a Cava Yzu.

Health problems of cava Tzu odontopathy

Another complex health problem is that the teeth of short face and short mouth varieties are often squeezed together. This health problem with cava Tzu holds food between the teeth and promotes plaque and tartar formation. It’s a good time investment to train cava Tzu to enjoy brushing. Then you can move on and brush cava Tzu’s teeth every day – if possible, twice a day, just like people do, to reduce cava Tzu’s health problems.