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Common bull pei health problems

With an average life span of 12 to 14 years, bull Pei suffers from minor health problems such as lip and skin pucker pyoderma, otitis externa, hypothyroidism, patellar dislocation, allergy and amyloidosis, as well as varus and canine hip dysplasia (CHD). To determine the health problems of some of these bull PEIs, the veterinarian may test the dog’s hips, eyes, knees, elbows and thyroid gland to test the health problems of bull Pei.



Bull Pei is also prone to fever. Although the cause of the health problem of bull Pei is unknown, bull Pei often has fever due to swelling of the hock (roughly equivalent to bull Pei’s ankle).

Eye problems

Sadly, bull Pei is vulnerable to eye problems, which may require entropion surgery. The dog’s eyes are usually deep and easy to shed tears. The condition worsens when the eyes are swollen enough to close or the dog keeps rubbing its paws against the eyes. This bull Pei health problem is characterized by excessive skin around the eyes, resulting in eyelids folding inward and eyelashes scratching the cornea. This may damage the cornea and may cause the dog to lose his vision when not treated. This kind of bull Pei’s health problem surgery requires removing a small part of the eyelid to separate the eyelashes from the cornea. In the worst case, the surgery for bull Pei’s health problems can be performed on the actual skin above the eyes. In any case, it’s best to wait until your bull Pei is at least one year old if necessary. Surgery in puppies usually requires correction at maturity to treat this bull Pei health problem.

Short head airway syndrome

“Brachy” means “shorten” and “headic” means “head”. Short headed dogs, such as Bulldogs, have shorter skulls, giving them a “push in” look on the face and nose, which can lead to the health problems of bull Pei. Due to the short bones of the face and nose, the anatomical structure and the relationship with other soft tissue structures will change. Some of these changes may lead to the health problems of bull Pei. Due to their short nose and narrow nostrils, symptoms of this bull Pei health problem are prone to respiratory problems, wheezing, chronic discomfort, exercise intolerance and eating difficulties. Since obesity can aggravate the symptoms of shorthead respiratory syndrome, it is essential to keep your dog at a healthy weight to prevent this health problem of bull Pei. For dogs with mild symptoms of bull Pei’s health problems, you can control the amount of exercise to avoid hot or humid environment. In summer, you can put the dog in an air-conditioned place to avoid pressure.

Cherry eye

The health problem with bull Pei is a disruption of the tear membrane, also known as the third eyelid, that appears in the dog’s eyes. This bull Pei health problem is most common in puppies under two years old. If not treated, this health problem of bull Pei can lead to keratoconjunctivitis sicca and other complications, so if you see your dog’s cherry eye, you should seek veterinary care as soon as possible.


Dogs are prone to skin wrinkle dermatitis (skin inflammation) due to skin friction and capture moisture in the tail, lips and facial folds of bull Pei’s health problems. You should clean and dry the wrinkles of bullfighting dogs frequently to prevent this bull Pei health problem, which can lead to pyoderma (bacterial skin infection). Skin wrinkle dermatitis is easily identified as hairless (alopecia), reddening, and odorous areas of skin wrinkles or wrinkles. Buy a Bull Pei.

Hip and elbow dysplasia


This health problem of bull Pei refers to hip and elbow deformities. These conditions can lead to pain, lameness, reduced activity, difficulty in ascending, and reluctance to run, jump, or climb stairs. It is important to keep your Bulldog at a healthy weight to prevent joint disease. Although a dog is an inactive dog, you should take him / her for a regular walk when it’s not too hot to prevent this bull Pei health problem. In addition, you should give your dog the right amount of calories to prevent the health problems of fat bull Pei.

Heat sensitivity

The health problem with bull Pei is that the dog is an indoor dog and cannot be left outside for a long time. Their heat intolerance is related to their breathing problems. Although they can’t stand strict exercise, they can stand a short walk every day. Bull Pei is very friendly, interesting and expressive. They are also known for their courage, loyalty and love for their masters. Bull Pei is notorious for being stubborn and will work tirelessly to get what they want. Bull Pei is strong and independent, but like bull Pei babies, it requires the owner’s continuous attention and the warmth of bull Pei.