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Common bologco health problems

As we all know, Bologco has no major health problems. However, studies have shown that Bologco is prone to eye health problems, such as cataracts.

Is Bologco usually healthy?


As a relatively rare variety, Bologco is also a healthy variety without much commercial popularity. Although their gene bank is small, most of them are maintained by dedicated breeders. At least, the evidence of patella and Cerf (eye) examination should be obtained from the breeder before purchasing Bologco.

Bologco’s health test is important

This is important for checking the health problems of Bologco to support good breeders who do extensive health tests on their little Bologco. The responsible reproductive practice is not just taking parents and little Bologco to the vet. Routine examinations don’t necessarily reveal many genetic health problems you want to avoid.

Health problems of Bologco parents

This special Bologco variety is also prone to knee looseness and health problems. You can see health problems in bisandr dogs (brother breeds), such as epilepsy health problems, heart disease, urinary stones, pancreatitis and diabetes mellitus and hip dysplasia. It’s not that Bologco can’t live a completely happy and healthy life. Most Bologco health problems are genetic, so if both parents have been tested (such as hip score) and proven to be without these conditions, your little Bologco’s chances of inheriting these health problems are significantly reduced. Bologco has a low incidence of major health problems compared to many other toy varieties, but, like any pedigree, there are certain health problems:

Health problems of Bologco hip dysplasia

This problem of Bologco is usually first found in older Bologco adolescents, which is characterized by stiffness after rest or limping during exercise. This is a genetic health problem that leads to developmental hip deformities. The best way to avoid the health problems of Bologco hip dysplasia is to carefully cultivate adults who are not affected by themselves, and breeders should always provide hip scores to their parents at any time.

Legg Calv é – Perthes disease

The health problem with Bologco is another reason for lameness of the hind legs, in which case it is a common variety of toys. For unknown reasons, the upper thigh bone of puppies may exceed the blood supply in its development, which may lead to the health problems of bone weakness and disintegration. This is manifested in severe pain in cubs aged 5 to 12 months, requiring surgery to remove damaged bones and reduce the health problem of Bologco. Buy a Bologco.

Health problems of Bologco patella dislocation


Bologco’s health problem is because the knee bone slides from its normal position, because the hind limb is usually slightly deformed. This Bologco health problem can lead to jumping gait, Bologco, which may or may not cause pain, can be corrected by surgery, and if it is necessary to correct Bologco’s health problem.

Health problems of Bologco periodontitis

Bologco’s small jaw is easy to cause periodontal infection, which causes the Bologco teeth to fall off, and regular brushing is the best prevention measure to prevent Bologco health problems.