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Common bogle health problems

Bogle can inherit certain health problems from his parents, including disc disease, eye problems, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, Bogle dwarfism, CBS, patellar dislocation, hip dysplasia and ear infection. When talking to the breeder, ask Bogle to show you both parents’ health permits to minimize the risk. You can also see how little Bogle is raised.

Is Bogle usually healthy?


Bogle is healthier just because Bogle is a half breed, although you can expect Bogle’s purebred parents to deal with similar health problems. Bogle disc health problems, epilepsy, eye health problems, hip dysplasia, stomach problems, back problems, aortic stenosis, hypothyroidism, ear infection and cardiomyopathy are all possible. Your Bogle should not completely exclude these Bogle health problems. However, if properly taken care of, these bogles should achieve maximum life expectancy.

How to keep Bogle healthy?

Like most designer breeds, the Bogle is less likely to have health problems, as the mixture of the two purebred breeds offsets most of the health problems that Bogle will encounter when he grows up. This doesn’t mean Bogle has immunity, so we must pay attention to Bogle’s weight and give him a healthy diet.

Bogle’s eye health problems

Bogle is prone to a variety of eye health problems. Retinal health problems ranging from microphthalmos to cataracts, glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy. Bogle’s third eyelid gland (cherry eye) also prolapses, leaving a red membrane on the eye. Any time your pet has eye secretions, redness, or claws in one of Bogle’s eyes, it should be checked for Bogle’s health problems.

Bogle’s bleeding disorder and health problems

Some bogles have bleeding problems. If your pet is easy to scratch, or it seems to take a long time to clot, Bogle should have a check to see if there is such a Bogle health problem. Bogle is prone to health problems with disc herniation. Any time there are signs of pain or inability to walk normally, this kind of Bogle’s health problem may be a cause. Proper veterinary care is important for disc herniation because this Bogle health problem can develop into paralysis.

Health problems of Bogle nephropathy

Bogle is also prone to kidney disease. Symptoms of Bogle’s kidney health problems vary, but usually include thirst and increased urination. Any changes in your pet’s drinking or urinating habits need to be checked, including urine tests, X-rays and blood samples to check for this health problem.

Health problems of Bogle epilepsy

Another common health problem for Bogle is epilepsy, which is characterized by seizures. Any time your pet has seizures, this symptom should be brought to our attention. The health problems of Bogle’s epilepsy are controlled with anticonvulsant drugs.

Health problems of Bogle skin disease

Skin diseases caused by scabies can also cause health problems. If your Bogle has scabies, hair will fall off from anywhere on your Bogle, especially the head. The diagnosis of Bogle’s health problem is to scratch the surface of the affected skin and look for mites under a microscope.

Bogle’s health problems with heart disease

Bogle has a heart disease called pulmonary stenosis. Symptoms of Bogle’s health problems include abdominal distension, dyspnea, exercise intolerance, and, unfortunately, even sudden death. The thyroid gland produces insufficient thyroxine, leading to a health problem called hypothyroidism. Symptoms of the Bogle’s health problems include bad hair style, drowsiness and obesity.


Health problems of Bogle ear infection

Bogle with longer ears is naturally more likely to have ear health problems. Bogle’s ears are the longest of all Bogle species. Bogle’s ears are easy to catch dust, dirt and debris when running, and Bogle is also easy to be scratched and injured. Unfortunately, if Bogle’s ears are not properly cleaned and regularly checked, this can lead to health problems with ear infections. Buy a Bogle.

Bogle eye health problems

All bogles should have regular eye tests to check for eye health problems. A major health problem for this breed of dog can have a health problem called cherry eye, which is a prominent third eyelid. This problem may be related to direct injury, but it may also be related to the genetic structure of the face. All breeders should check their eyes for signs of weak membranes. Bogle may also have glaucoma and cataracts, although these Bogle health problems are uncommon.