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Common biton health problems

Biton usually has no major health problems and lives 14-17 years. Biton’s most common health problem is skin allergy, which can lead to bacterial infections, as well as ear problems if not properly cleaned. Cotton is prone to a number of minor diseases, including hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and “patellar dislocation (knee problems) and eye problems,” frione said.

This breed is very healthy. In fact, less than 5% of bitons have genetic problems. In old age, biton does deal with most of biton’s typical joint and eye problems. Maybe biton’s biggest pain is allergies. Some people have obvious problems, dry skin and itching.


Is biton usually healthy?

Biton is a generally healthy breed with a potential life span of 13 to 16 years.

All bitons are likely to have genetic health problems, just as all people are likely to have certain diseases. Biton is considered to be a generally healthy breed. Although some health problems were found in the field, the incidence of most problems was significantly lower than that of the same species. Has greatly benefited from who is absolutely committed to maintaining the healthy reproduction of the breed. CTCA, ACC and usatcc all conduct regular health surveys and implement breeding procedures and protocols aimed at keeping varieties healthy. People hope that through constant vigilance, there will be basically no problem with many purebred bitons all the time.

Ensure biton’s parents’ health certificate

Although skeletal and visual problems are not common in this breed, bitons are already thought to occur, and it’s best for owners to have their pets tested by the animal orthopedics Foundation (OFA) and the dog eye registration Foundation (CERF). Ofa and Cerf conduct genetic and biton tests to identify bitons before potential health defects appear. This is particularly valuable in detecting the situation that biton does not appear until it is very old, which makes it necessary for anyone who considers breeding biton to test bitons in order to prevent the transmission of potential genetic diseases to their offspring.


Biton’s parents should have the following health certificates:

The results of ophthalmic examination conducted by a veterinary ophthalmologist certified by the committee are registered with the animal orthopedic Foundation (OFA) or the canine health information center (CHIC)

  • The results of patellar dislocation were registered by ofa or chic
  • The results of hip dysplasia were recorded by ofa or chic
  • One or more of the following tests are optional:
  • Cardiac assessment
  • Thyroid assessment from accredited laboratories
  • Evaluation of von Willebrand test by wittgens
  • Evaluation of ofa elbow

Health problems of biton’s tooth disease

Dental disease is the most common chronic health problem in biton, affecting 80% of dogs at the age of 2. Unfortunately, your biton is more likely than other dogs to have her dental health problems. Biton begins with the accumulation of tartar on the teeth and develops into gum and root infections. If we do not prevent or treat the health problems of dental disease, your partner will lose teeth and risk damage to the kidney, liver, heart and joints. In fact, your life span may be shortened by one to three years due to this health problem! You must clean your dog’s teeth regularly to let you know what you can do at home to keep those white teeth and reduce biton’s health problems.

Health problems of biton heart disease

Biton is prone to many types of heart disease. This kind of biton’s health problem may occur in the early and late life. When the vet examines your pet, we listen for heart murmurs and abnormal heart rhythms. If instructed, we will have an annual check-up for heart health problems, including X-rays, electrocardiograms or echocardiograms, depending on your biton risk factors. Early detection of health problems with Bitton’s heart disease can usually lead to drug treatment, which can usually extend the life of pets for many years. Veterinary dental care and weight control can help prevent this health problem in biton.

Health problems of biton infection

Biton is vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections. Many of these infections can be prevented by vaccination, which veterinarians recommend based on the health problems seen in the area, her age and other factors.

Health problems of biton obesity

Obesity may be an important health problem for biton. Biton’s health problem is a serious disease that can lead to or worsen joint problems, metabolic and digestive disorders, back pain and heart disease. Buy a Biton.

Health problems of biton parasites

Biton’s health problems are caused by dogs drinking unclean water, walking on contaminated soil, or being bitten by infected mosquitoes. Some of these parasites can infect you or your family members. This health problem of biton is a big concern for every host. For your dog friends, these parasites can cause pain, discomfort and even death, so it’s important that we regularly check biton for health problems. We will also recommend the necessary preventive drugs to keep her healthy.