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Chocolate Biewer Yorkie

The Chocolate Yorkie (also known as Red Yorkie or Brown Yorkie) is a Yorkshire Terrier which is carrying a double recessive gene for a brown or red coat. The result from that is a Yorkie which is different from the traditional ones when you compare their coat color.

The best of the gene can lead to liver or brown pigmentation of the nose, eye rims, and the paw pads.
As puppies, the traditional Yorkshire terriers usually appear with a black coat, but the ones that carry the double recessive gene for the brown coat have a lighter color even at birth. So the chocolate Yorkshire terriers are fully brown from their first second.
The brown color may vary from brown to tan and depending on the exact shades there are Yorkshire terriers known as red-legged Yorkies, Liver and Tan Yorkies, or entirely Tan Yorkies.

Many breeders and people think that some Yorkshire terriers carry a recessive gene for a brown coat as a result of a crossbreeding with some other breeds like the Dachshund for example. If you have an interest in the Chocolate colored Yorkshire terriers you can read more about them and make an educated decision if they are the right dogs for you.