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Causes and countermeasures of diarrhea in Maltese dogs

The health of the Maltese dog is undoubtedly the most important thing for all owners. If the Maltese dog in his family is prone to diarrhea, the owner will certainly be very depressed. Moreover, there are many reasons for the dog’s laxity. If the reason is not found, it is difficult to deal with it. Let’s take a look at the causes of loose dogs and the right way to deal with it.


1. Change Maltese’s dog food suddenly

The intestines and stomachs of Maltese dogs are very fragile compared with ours, so for a while, they have no way to accept a new food. If the owner suddenly changes the dog food they often eat with the new one, it will easily lead to diarrhea.
Countermeasures: if the change of dog food is too fast to cause diarrhea, we need to stop the new dog food and replace it with the previous dog food. At the same time, it is recommended that they be fed probiotics that help with intestinal digestion.

2. Maltese eat too much at one time

If they eat a lot of food at a meal, they are prone to indigestion in their body and intestines, which causes them to feel uncomfortable.
Countermeasures: if this is the cause of thinning, the owner will need to temporarily cut off the food of the Maltese dog. And then to ensure that the water is sufficient to observe their physical conditions if there is no major obstacle is not too worried.


3. The Maltese eat raw and cold food

We said that the dog’s stomach is very delicate, so once they eat raw or cold food, it will be loose.
Countermeasures: the owner should stop feeding the Maltese dog raw and cold food.

4. Catch a cold as the season changes

When the season changes, the temperature difference is relatively large. If the owner doesn’t keep the dogs warm at this time, it is easy for them to catch a cold, which will lead to thinning.
Countermeasures: when the weather is cold or the temperature difference between seasons is uncertain, we must keep the dogs warm. If the dogs have diarrhea, the owners can prepare a warm water bag for them to warm their stomachs, but don’t be too hot.

5. Diarrhea caused by parasites.

When there are parasites in the body of Maltese dogs, they will have diarrhea. At this time, the host can clearly see the adult in their stool.
Countermeasures: the owner should take the dog to the hospital regularly for internal and external deworming.