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Can you train a Saluki?

What are your considerations when training Saluki? Saluki is a very smart dog. You can train him easily. Now let’s take a look.

Considerations for training Saluki

Before we train Saluki, we need to understand that Saluki is still a baby. Before you start to think about what Saluki has done that you like, you need to reward his behavior in time. When Saluki does what you love, use as many opportunities as you can to reward him. You may pay too much attention to the negative aspects, and only pay attention to Saluki when he does something wrong. Then two things will happen – Saluki will become anxious, and Saluki will do something you don’t like, because negative attention is better than no attention. This important attention plays a great role in training Saluki. A lot of Saluki don’t like to use their claws when training, which makes them feel vulnerable. You really don’t need him to let you shake his paws, so listen to him and don’t push him. In short, when you train Saluki, you should listen to him, sympathize with him, play with him, give him positive attention and support him to become the dog you want! I know how hard it is, believe me, but if you step back and let Saluki show you his abilities and needs, Saluki will thrive through training!

How to train Saluki?

You need to let Saluki know what you want him to train. I used to put the box in the box, which contained food and snacks, so that Saluki could chew and search, and keep other things out. This is a kind of Saluki’s training of looking for things. You can give your Saluki some other things so they can’t jump up and so on. If jumping up is a problem, teach them to come down, they can’t jump up when they come down. Pulse control also needs to be classified. There are lots of clips online that show you have to teach impulse control. So a lot of Saluki are told to be negative and never positive. I went to a talk and he said that when Saluki does something we like, we never praise them, such as taking a break or disturbing anyone. ‘leave the cans at home, praise your dogs, reward them for doing what you like, and ignore everything else,’ he says. Teach dog to close the order, so you don’t have to shout. Saluki didn’t respond well to this. Find better food, ham, cheese, etc. until you find the final one. When you train Saluki, let him know what it’s going to do. You have to tell Saluki to go to bed or sit down and not do anything. Basically tell Saluki to do anything. I had to tell Saluki three or four times before training until Saluki did it and raised my voice, every time, until finally he said, “well, I think I’ll do what I told me.” I don’t want to yell at him and make him do things. Saluki is very affectionate and doesn’t know what private space is. When Saluki compulsively licks your arm until it’s wet and sticky, he will be very angry if you push him away. If your Saluki is too clingy, it also needs your training. You also need to train how to stop Saluki from biting. Saluki likes to chew things he knows he shouldn’t chew, such as shoes and sponges. I don’t know how to “tell him no”. I will say no, whisper no and shout No. It seems that nothing works. He will still go back to do it. The only way you can calm Saluki down when you train him is to pretend I have snacks and catch him. Saluki is not a working dog, just a pet loved by the family. You can train Saluki to sit, claw (but pull him apart if you want to shake his feet), sleep, recall, and then whine out (whine attention, too, but he learns it himself). I can also train Saluki to wait and stay, lie down, accept being put in the lead and wait for the end of the game time. If possible, you should also train Saluki not to lick every guest’s disgust. Saluki is too affectionate to everyone and has a good feeling for the guests, which I need to correct.

Training alleviates Saluki’s separation anxiety

Saluki will have a moderate degree of separation anxiety. Saluki is waiting outside the door for me to go to the toilet. He doesn’t really mind if any of us are in the house or in a separate room, as long as the door is open. If any door is closed for more than 10 minutes, Saluki starts to sob. If it’s 20 minutes later, Saluki starts to attack the doorframe and try to get close to us. Buy a Saluki.
At any time when we leave home, we have to shut Saluki in the living room. We are afraid that we will make a mess when we go home. Saluki tore up the door frame of the living room and basically nibbled anything that he found that didn’t belong to him and looked very interesting. Saluki’s separation anxiety needs to be alleviated by the company and training of the owner. Usually Saluki performs well. Saluki only needs to work a little more before he can be trained to be our ideal family dog.