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Can you take French Bulldogs on long walks?

It’s important to walk with your French bulldog and make sure they are healthy, safe, and happy. As a dog owner, walking a dog is a great pleasure for pet parents. There is no doubt that exercise is healthy for both people and dogs. However, you have to grab the leash and the French Bulldog to walk the dog.

Health problems of French Bulldog

French Bulldog is a good pet. They’re kind and it’s going to be exciting. However, many French Bulldogs may have health problems, such as respiratory problems and canine allergic dermatitis (or atopic). When you take your French Bulldog for a walk, you need to consider these health issues. Read more about this very important topic!

Breathing problems of French Bulldog

A common feature of French Bulldogs is that they have difficulty breathing. Many French Bulldogs have short head obstructive syndrome (BOS), upper respiratory tract abnormalities or other respiratory problems. Of course, if your Frenchman has difficulty breathing, it’s not safe to walk your French Bulldog for a long time. Start with a very short walk, a few minutes long, and see how much they can do with normal breathing. If your Frenchmen are out of breath, take them home and make sure to continue walking during this time. Always consult your veterinarian to make sure you know all you need to know about keeping your little French Bulldog healthy.

Atopic dermatitis in French Bulldog

Many French Bulldogs suffer from canine atopic dermatitis or atopic dermatitis. This may cause inflammation between the toes, which may cause discomfort, or maybe more severe pain when you walk your French Bulldog. Again, consult your veterinarian for the best treatment, including fatty acid supplements and moisturizers. As for walking, give them very short breaks or breaks when your dog is experiencing an eruption.

How to take your French Bulldog for a walk in the summer?

It’s a pleasure for you and your French to take your French Bulldog for a walk when the weather is fine! Remember, dogs are more sensitive than people in summer.


(1) Prevention of heatstroke in French Bulldog
If your French Bulldog’s temperature exceeds 103 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a risk of heatstroke. As we all know, heatstroke can be a serious problem and can lead to death. While humans sweat to control their body temperature, a dog wears pants. They are often at higher risk of heatstroke due to respiratory restrictions in French Bulldogs. Read more and consult your veterinarian to learn more about this important topic.
(2) Heatstroke symptoms in French Bulldogs
You can identify whether the French Bulldog is heatstroke by following symptoms: the French Bulldog’s breathing is faster than that of the normal person and the heart rate is high; the French Bulldog’s gums and tongue become blush; the French Bulldog often struggles to move, stumble and fall; your French Bulldog is experiencing muscle vibration. If you notice any symptoms of heatstroke, when taking your French Bulldog for a walk or in any other case, contact your veterinarian immediately.
Take your French Bulldog for a walk
Now that you know what you need to know to take your French Bulldog for a walk, here are some things you need to take a walk with your favorite furry family member. Dog Boots protect your French Bulldog’s precious paws. Reflective dog coat ensures that your French Bulldog coat won’t get wet in a sudden rain during your walk. Another advantage is that you and your French can be seen even in bad conditions. Drinks and foldable bowls are so convenient! You can tie the food and drink bowl to a belt or bag. When you take your French Bulldog for a walk, your dog’s backpack can easily store your hiking accessories. This backpack is located on both sides of the harness and distributes the weight evenly on both sides so that your dog doesn’t have any problems walking.