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Can you shave an Gordon setter?

The temperature is soaring, your Gordon Setter is out of breath, and dog hair is all over the house. You might think that a good, close shave can help your dog cool down while eliminating some fluffy clutter. Many Gordon setters should not be shaved at all, depending on the type of coat they have. Shaving can actually have the opposite effect, and you’re going to make your dog hotter. Here are some tips on shaving your Gordon Setter, and what you can do to keep your Gordon Setter healthy in hot weather.


The coat of the Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter has a soft inner coat of hair that clings to the skin and acts as an insulating layer to help keep warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. In summer, the dog will shed most of this layer off, but the rest will help capture the air between the two coats, allowing the dog to maintain heat and regulate its temperature. The outer coat (or guard coat) is made up of long hairs to give the Gordon setter a color that doesn’t shed too much.

The role of coat in the Gordon Setter

When Gordon setters shed their fur in warm weather, their outer layer, or hair protection, is still designed to protect them from sunburn and insect bites. “Your dog’s coat actually acts as an insulator,” explains Dr. Jerry Klein, the chief veterinary officer at AKC. “Shaving is to reduce shedding or to keep the dog cool, and also to eliminate the insulation of the coat, making it prone to heatstroke and possibly causing abnormal hair growth and hair follicle damage. The dog’s fur protects it from sunburn and reduces its risk of skin cancer. ”

Shaving double layers can also cause long-term damage to the Gordon setter. Sometimes when it comes to the bottom of the skin, it grows faster. This changes the texture and color of the dog’s fur to make it mottled and unattractive.