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Can you shave a Hungarianpuli?

Can you shave a Hungarianpuli? Summer usually means hot weather, and many Hungarian Puli owners think they need to shave their dogs to keep them cool and comfortable. However, shaving Hungarian Puli destroys their fur and their natural cooling ability.


Why can’t the hair of Hungarian Puli be shaved?

Hungarian Puli has two layers of hair to protect them from the cold. The outer layer is made up of long protective hairs, which prevent cold air and ice from entering their bodies. The softer inner hair layer grows near their skin to keep them warm. In summer, these varieties shed most of their undercoat, and the long guard protects them from sunburn and heat. Hungarianpuli has no undercoat and the air can circulate to keep the dogs cool. Shaving can change the texture of Hungarian Puli hair and disrupt the natural process of keeping these dogs cool. After shaving, the inner hair begins to grow rapidly before the guard hair grows. Once the surface layer of hair begins to grow, the texture feels very different. It’s like a Velcro to attract burr, grass, seeds, and anything your dog touches. To make matters worse, growing both kinds of hair at the same time will make your dog hotter because the inner hair will block the airflow. The texture of the changed long fur will actually absorb heat from the sun and make your dog overheat. If you have Hungarian Puli, don’t shave it in summer.

Hungarianpuli’s hair only needs to be trimmed properly

Hungarian Puli has hair instead of fur, which means that when it grows to a certain length, it will not fall off, but will continue to grow. A long rope, like a mop, until the dog grows a little hair. Putting a cat in a jacket with rope is just for display. If your ordinary people keep a cat as a pet, they may not encounter any trouble, because it is very heavy work. If it gets wet, then yes, you’ll smell like a wet dog. I know diaper washing is a big test because it takes a long time to dry.
So, if you buy one, just trim it short (such as a pet poodle), it’s like an ordinary dog, you can bathe it regularly, it won’t smell more than an ordinary dog.


The smell of Hungarian Puli comes from its hair

A distinctive feature of Hungarian Puli is its smell, which comes directly from its hair. Even at the best of times, dogs are not the cleanest animals, so the long hair of a dog looks attractive, but it doesn’t smell so good. It’s an attempt to wash diapers, but it can be worse to stay with them while they’re dry; diapers can hold an amazing amount of water (no matter how many diapers you wash, they’re a little dirty) and spread over an impressive wide area.
We know that Hungarian Puli is thought to have entered Hungary with the Maya before their ancestors, about a thousand years ago. Their genetic relationship with komondor, another Hungarian shepherd, is evident in their corded fur – but komondor is always white, usually larger, and their neck and head are not afraid. Hungarian Pulis are loyal and relatively intelligent dogs, as well as endless entertainment. They are energetic and need to walk regularly, but they are not locked up in the city like a crime. All in all, they are good family pets, as long as you don’t hate the smell too much.