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Can you brush a Hungarianpuli?

Can you brush a Hungarianpuli? Hungarianpuli is one of the most popular breeds in Hungary. It has fluff that needs to be combed. In this species’s cosmetology, we may forget combs and brushes, and their use is forbidden! Braided hair can be separated by lying the dog on its side, using a thread and a mop in the direction of the skin. It should be noted that do not use a strong action to pull the hair apart, but to take care of the skin section by section. It must be noted that the thumb wide mop should usually be torn apart. On the one hand, the overall appearance will be very good, on the other hand, the thin mop may be torn off. There’s no need to bathe Prynne.


Brush your Hungarian Puli hair in warm weather

If it’s necessary to brush your Hungarian Puli hair, it should be done in summer, in warm weather, because Hungarian Puli can’t completely dry the braided fur. When taking a bath in Hungarian Puli, we should pay attention not to rub it with a mop, but to clean it by pressing, and remove the remaining shampoo from the hair. Because the hair may stick together again during the bath, it’s worth checking and tearing the hair again where necessary before drying.

Use of Hungarian Puli

Hungarian Puli is an ancient shepherd dog from Hungary, which was brought from Asia by Mazar people more than 1000 years ago. Hungarian Puli is used for grazing and guarding livestock. They work with the giant komondor, a Hungarian breed. The komondor guard cattle and sheep at night, while the Puli herd and guard during the day. If wolves or bears try to attack these animals, Hungarian Puli will warn the wolves and call on komondor to help repel the invaders. Because the thick fur of Hungarian Puli can protect their skin from being bitten by wolves, Puli has an advantage in repelling wolves. Depending on the color of their fur, Hungarian Puli is sometimes called to work in place of the komondor at night.