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Can Tibetan spaniels be left alone?

Can Tibetan Spaniel be left alone? Tibetan spaniel is cute, but what worries me most is that this little guy is alone. I know that some dogs can handle this easily, and some of them have Tibetan Spaniel’s separation anxiety.
Will your Tibetan Spaniel leave puddles on the floor? When you leave her home alone, does Tibetan Spaniel nibble on your furniture or bark and sob? Tibetan Spaniel often becomes very attached to his host and becomes extremely anxious when he leaves home alone. Understanding your Tibetan Spaniel’s separation anxiety will help her with her treatment.


What is Tibetan Spaniel’s separation anxiety?

Since Tibetan spaniel is known to value their owners so much, it is not recommended that people who have to stay away from their dogs most of the time choose Cocker dogs as their pets. Separation anxiety is a state of tension and panic when your dog suffers alone. If your dog is very nervous before you leave home, or has a crazy excited reaction when you go home, or if she chews furniture, pees in the room, grabs the door or howls during the whole process of your leaving, she may have separation anxiety. On the other hand, if she’s rummaging in the garbage, or just chewing something with a strong odor, such as leather goods or shoes, she may be just bored or curious. Before you treat her with separation anxiety, be sure to rule out other causes.

Severe separation anxiety of Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Spaniel wants to be with his host every day. If your little Tibetan Spaniel hurts herself while trying to get out of her box or house while you’re away, such as breaking her teeth or nails or jumping out of a glass window, then she has severe separation anxiety. You will need to work with her in the treatment below for a longer time and leave home for a very short time. Every time you leave, just add a few seconds to your time. Whenever possible, any dog with severe separation anxiety should be in the care of a friend or in the dog’s daycare while the owner is working.

There are reasons for separation anxiety in Tibetan spaniel

Separation anxiety is usually caused by a change in Tibetan Spaniel’s lifestyle. These changes may be the loss of another family pet, the loss of a dog’s human family member, or some simple things like changing your dog’s daily work because of your work schedule. Separation anxiety is common in dogs abandoned by their former owners. Tibetan spaniel is so attached to his master that it is extremely painful for them to be abandoned or given to another family.


The movement of Tibetan Spaniel

Be sure to take Tibetan Spaniel out for exercise before you go out. Give her a bowl of fresh water and feed her before you leave. This will allow her to relax or sleep while you’re away, reducing the time to worry. Another effective way to treat anxiety is through counter conditioning. You can do this every time you leave, give her a treat or bone that she really likes. This kind of entertainment will make her connect you to the things she likes when you leave home, and also make her forget you leave when she enjoys it.

Leave and go home

Every day you have to work with your Tibetan spaniel, and you have to help him realize that it’s normal for you to leave home and that you will always come back. Leave home for five minutes, then 10 minutes, then 20 minutes, and so on, until you can leave home and work for a day without worrying your Tibetan spaniel. Don’t say goodbye to her before you leave home or say hello to her five minutes before you come back. It means that it’s no big deal for you to leave home and just go home as usual. Eventually, your Tibetan Spaniel will feel the same way.