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Can Samoyed be left alone?

Sometimes when we are feeding the Samoyed dog, we may spend very little time with samoyed, and we often leave him alone at home. However, we still worry a lot. In the long run, is it ok to leave him alone at home? Leaving your samoyed alone for too long is sure to make a difference!
So what does it matter if we leave Samoyed alone for too long? In the past, dogs were social animals, so dogs are more likely to feel lonely than those who are alone for a long time. Therefore, if dogs are left alone for a long time, their psychology will be affected to some extent. Short periods of solitude may not make dogs feel lonely, but if for some reason we don’t have time for our dogs, leaving them at home too often is likely to cause them to become depressed.


We should spend more time with the Samoyed

Today most people in order to alleviate pressure, will choose to feed a dog to relax the pressure, but because of the job, they don’t have too much time with the dog, the dog for a long time without the owner’s concern and care, the in the mind will feel a sense of loneliness, some owners because the job is too tiring, home to fall asleep after bathing, basically have little time for their dogs to play, this lets his dogs feel very sad and, over time, may cause dogs don’t want to communicate with others, serious depression may occur. And vets in the UK have found that many pets need antidepressants for separation anxiety or are prone to temper tantrums and biting. The professor of animal welfare and ethics at The University of Winchester said: ‘The veterinary community is seeing a rise in behavior problems with cats, dogs and even birds, which can sometimes become aggressive, suddenly scared and out of control. Much of the problem, he said, can be attributed to “social deprivation and lack of training” in young animals. There are no legal dog antidepressants in the UK, so in some cases, veterinarians can only prescribe human drugs to animals. According to a member of the British Zoological Society, about 80 percent of animals in the UK suffer from mood disorders.

If we have time, we’d better take our Samoyeds out on a regular basis. When we are not at home, you can buy some favorite toys for your Samoyed, so that your samoyed is no longer lonely! Avoid depression in the samoyed who feed themselves! After we bring Samoyeds dogs go home, we need to familiarize Samoyeds dogs with your home environment, and then slowly let it go to learn to distinguish the difference between his own master and outsiders, more make it smell the smell of the master, let it slow to adapt to, and is the most important thing is to be training Samoyeds, wait for Samoyeds dog slowly began to maintain their shacks, we can start slowly in training Samoyeds housekeeping skills, so can go a lot fewer detours, wait until we get an ace Samoyeds training, You can see that this larger size of the Samoyed is highly deterrent, so said that the Samoyeds trained well must be able to guard the house!