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Can Salukis live with cats?

Do you have a cat at home? Do you want another Saluki? Do you want to know if Saluki and cats can live together? Some dogs and cats get along well, but others are the embodiment of the old adage, “fight like cats and dogs! “If you already have a cat and you want to add a Saluki to your home, you’re likely to wonder if it’s possible to teach a dog to love your cat (or at least let Saluki get along with your cat).

Can Saluki live with a cat?

Saluki is still untrustworthy around our cat. When Saluki sees the cat enter the house, Saluki will scream. When Saluki is locked in a crate, the cat will sit in front of him. Saluki chased and pounced at home several times. A few days ago, I took Saluki to the garden to pee. One of the cats had a dead mouse in its mouth – the dog turned around, attacked and growled at the cat, almost breaking my hand. I’m always nervous when Saluki comes out of the cage, walks around the house and the cat runs around. My partner said that he would deal with the cats in time. There’s nothing to worry about, but we’ve taken him home for some time. When we told him to “leave it alone”, he didn’t listen to us. When he saw the wrong cat.

Why can’t Saluki and the cat live together?

So if you’re going to buy a Saluki puppy, or you’re going to trade a Saluki back from a help station, you have to solve the problem of cats and Saluki living. Although today’s domestic Saluki does not need to look for delicious squirrels for dinner, Saluki still retains a basic, natural instinct of hunting. In addition, some modern species were originally developed as hunters to work with human masters, and Saluki cubs are born with the ability to chase and shoot down prey. Cats are also natural killers, often causing serious damage to rodents and birds in your garden. Although they are also very predatory, cats are very cautious, they are very good at identifying threats, such as a big dog. Some cats will run, triggering the dog’s instinct to pursue prey. Other, bolder cats will hold their ground, using their teeth and claws to fight the attacker. So, you can see that cats and dogs have inbreeding compatibility problems, and the individual personalities of cats and Saluki complicate the problem. Buy a Saluki.

How can Saluki live with a cat?

Animal behaviorists believe that with patience and proper training, you can teach Saluki to get along with cats and vice versa. In view of this, here are some training techniques that you may find useful:
You can socialize Saluki as soon as possible to ensure that Saluki can live with the cat. Saluki puppies are most receptive to new learning experiences in the first four months of life, so if your Saluki and cat want to stick together, or at least tolerate each other, then if you start dating cats when Saluki is young, you have more chances of success. When your Saluki dog performs well around your cat, you have to give Saluki a lot of hugs, attention and hospitality, and so does your cat! Using this method can rarely help Saluki and the cat live peacefully together.