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Can Salukis be aggressive?

It sounds like you and your dog need professional help to stop this as soon as possible from upgrading more. Because Salukis are not by nature (usually) the most confident dogs in the world, they can resort to attack faster than we sometimes like. It’s hard to comment on aggressive issues on the Internet without seeing dogs and their behavior.

How does Saluki’s aggressiveness come about?

But first, I’ll have your veterinarian examine Saluki. Sometimes Saluki pain or discomfort can cause Saluki aggression problems. So, has your Saluki had a thorough veterinary examination? At the same time, yes, you have to keep Saluki ahead unless the dog around Saluki knows and the dog you know Saluki is good. When Saluki sees a dog in the distance, teach her to look at you as well (this helps you control the situation and prevent it from escalating, but it doesn’t help to really re socialize). When we first started taking care of aluki, Saluki would be very nervous, but not aggressive to other dogs. However, as Saluki’s confidence grows, Saluki’s aggressiveness seems to grow. Saluki is more aggressive in men. Saluki’s sterilization operation can help to solve the problem of Saluki’s aggressiveness. If we take Saluki to see other dogs and other dogs come to say hello, although we have seen them several times before, Saluki becomes aggressive immediately, which brings us trouble because Saluki can’t stay in my house all day now, but has to walk back and forth between two houses, so Saluki can’t go home It’s not fair to her that she won’t be alone for long. When Saluki went out for a walk, Saluki also showed aggression towards the dogs cshed to him. Our Saluki will also show some aggressiveness.

Ways to reduce Saluki’s aggressiveness

  1. Only people cshed to Saluki are allowed to accompany him
  2. Give Saluki a mask when he goes out
  3.  Looking for a home where Saluki is the only dog
  4. Try to find a coach who can help you overcome the attack of Saluki

Many people know that we should not adopt Saluki because of boredom, so I want to make it clear that it has nothing to do with boredom, or there is no time to take care of Saluki, or any other reason why people give up. I don’t want to give up Saluki. I want to do the best for him, hoping to find a way to solve the problem of Saluki’s aggressiveness, hoping to prevent it from becoming a problem before it occurs A big problem. My parents had a Saluki, and when he first came to them, he was also very Saluki aggressive (actually people are aggressive). They solved the problem by taking him for a walk with a mask and letting him run freely to see as many dogs as possible, because Saluki knew he wouldn’t really bite a dog. Gradually, for more than a year, Saluki became more and more relaxed with other dogs, until one day, Saluki felt it was safe and took off the gun. Saluki found a owner with a leisurely, relaxed dog and took off the gun. They never looked back. Now Saluki is friendly and smart to puppies and has a good time with all the Saluki. Of course, in his case, Saluki’s aggressiveness comes from a potential fear that once Saluki realizes that the dog is not harming him, he is not aggressive. But don’t think there’s a shortcut to overcoming Saluki’s aggressiveness. Buy a Saluki.

Don’t yell at your Saluki to slow down its aggression


No, under no circumstances should you reprimand Saluki. This is Saluki’s warning, if you punish her, Saluki will have aggressive behavior, and then the first thing you will know is that she feels uncomfortable with another dog will bite, a dangerous situation! Don’t stop her communication. When you’re looking for a behaviorist, ask for their qualifications and their experience, especially the Saluki type. You need to find a way to make Saluki aggressive by using positive training rather than disgusting stimulation!