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Can Pekingese and cats live together?

Can pekingese and cats live together? Whether Pekingese and the cat can live in peace for a long time has become our concern.

Both Pekingese and cats need to be socialized as early as possible

It’s important to socialize your Pekingese and cat as much as possible to avoid complications and negative behaviors that may occur when your Pekingese encounters a cat. As with most dog related activities, a little advanced preparation can make the introduction easier and a positive experience for pekingese and the cat and all the people involved.

How to introduce your Pekingese to the cat?

Like everyone else, Pekingese has its own temperament and comfort with its dogs, so if you want Pekingese to live with cats, you have to be well prepared. Some breeds have developed into watchdog or watchdog, and Pekingese will naturally be more aggressive than cat breeds. Remember the nature of your Pekingese. If you’re going to buy a new Pekingese in a home with a cat, it’s wise to remember that sterilized Pekingese tend to get on better with cats than full bred dogs. A neutered female Pekingese and a neutered cat usually get along better than two male Pekingese or two cats. Keep in mind that a castrated male pekingese and a breeding cat are like a breeding pair. When female pekingese is in high temperature, both of them become more aggressive. When Pekingese meets a cat for the first time, it should be in a new place, such as a park or its Pekingese location. Put the dog on a leash, but let pekingese interact with humans.
Slowly bring the cat closer, but focus Pekingese’s attention on the processor. When pekingese is comfortable, move the cat closer. Avoid tying the dog tightly because it will make pekingese more excited and aggressive. The handler should be calm and relaxed to deal with the relationship between pekingese and the cat.


How to make Pekingese play with the cat?

Before you let the cat and Pekingese play together, you should introduce Pekingese several times so that Pekingese can get familiar with each other. Be prepared for any attack on Pekingese. Pekingese is likely to try to determine which dog is dominant, which can be achieved by growling, posing and even fighting. Pay close attention to the Pekingese and cats. If there is any aggression, there is a way to isolate and control the Pekingese and cats immediately. Not all Pekingese are cat chasers, and not all cats are afraid of Pekingese. It’s helpful if pekingese and the cat were introduced at an early age, or at least one of them is familiar with its pekingese species. Buy a Pekingese.
Be careful when introducing a puppy to a mature cat, because the cat can severely hurt pekingese with its paws. Similarly, an adult Pekingese, even a small breed, can easily kill a kitten. Don’t leave Pekingese and the cat unattended until they are safe together. More than one Pekingese with a cat can cause problems, because Pekingese often hunts in groups and may become excited when another Pekingese appears, killing or seriously injuring Pekingese’s previously friendly cat. Slowly introduce Pekingese and the cat. It’s really helpful to train dogs, because pekingese allows cats to be free without fear of fighting. Pekingese can also make dogs and cats familiar. Remove the cat’s dustbin and food from the dog’s reach. Dogs not only eat the food and feces in the dustbin, but cats also often use the Pekingese area of the house as a dustbin. When the cat appears in front of Pekingese for the first time, it’s very useful to strap Pekingese. Don’t be disappointed if cats and dogs don’t really socialize or play together, as long as pekingese respects each other. When a dog and a cat behave well together, be sure to reward Pekingese.