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Can Maltese eat animal liver?

Many people say that Maltese dogs like to eat bone most. In fact, the animal liver is more attractive to the dog’s stomach. Especially when the dog’s appetite is poor or picky, if the animal’s liver is cooked and mashed in dog food, the dog’s appetite will be improved immediately. As one of the most popular family pet dogs, the owners like it in the palm of their fingers, so please do what you want. As a result, some parents find that they like to eat animal liver, so they simply feed it as a staple food every day. For them, as long as the dog is happy, the rest is not important. But isn’t the health of a Maltese dog important? Have you ever thought about what it would be like for a Maltese dog to eat more animal livers?


1. The benefits of the liver for Maltese dogs

Animal liver contains high nutrition, when the dog body is lack of nutrition, you can use the liver to feed, as soon as possible to supplement nutrition to the dog, especially in the case of picky anorexia, the liver can well regulate the dog’s appetite, and play a role in supplementary nutrition. But also to avoid, the liver can not be fed too much, or it will bring negative health effects.
When a Maltese dog is sick, such as cold or low resistance, the owner can feed the liver to the Maltese dog to help it compensate for protein nutrition, increase its own resistance, and promote the dog’s appetite, so that it can cause eating desire. However, the liver is suitable for feeding only when it meets the requirements. Normally, the owner should not feed the dog with the liver, because the liver also contains many substances harmful to the dog’s health.


2. The disadvantages of liver eating in Maltese dogs

The liver contains high vitamin A, too much intake will inhibit the absorption of calcium in dogs, long-term feeding with the liver will lead to calcium deficiency, resulting in poor physical development. In addition, due to the excessive intake of vitamin A, the dog body will appear poisoning, as well as cause muscle sclerosis. The liver contains a lot of cholesterol, eating too much can also lead to Maltese dog fat, especially the elderly dogs and obese dogs should be more restricted liver intake, avoid excessive consumption and cause other diseases.
Before feeding the liver to a Maltese dog, the owner should first understand the dog’s condition. Under normal circumstances, it doesn’t matter if the dog is fed once in a while. However, if the Maltese dog is not fit for the liver due to its physical condition, it should not be fed indiscriminately, otherwise, it will bring more health hazards to the dog.