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Can Japanese Spitz sleep outside?

When you think of Japanese Spitz sleeping outside, you may get the same impression as me: a Japanese Spitz tied at home is suffering from lack of attention or worse. But does that mean Japanese Spitz should never sleep outdoors? Or is it OK for dogs to sleep outside under the right conditions? What are the right conditions?


Japanese Spitz sleeping outside needs company

Japanese Spitz is a social animal. Like humans, they don’t thrive if they spend too much time alone. Even introverts sometimes need company. In other words, not all Japanese Spitz need the same company. Some Japanese Spitz is independent so they can sleep outside. They make friends in their own way. Others are happy with other species, such as the watchdog and the sheep they will spend their lives with.

Japanese Spitz sleeping outside needs protection

Humans live indoors for protection. Walls and roofs protect us from natural enemies. They protect us from the heat and cold. They provide shelter for us. Of course, the Japanese Spitz has insulated double fur and teeth, which can be used as a weapon, but the Japanese Spitz needs to be safe. The minimum is a solid barrier that keeps wildlife away and a well-insulated house where they can always reach.

Japanese Spitz needs food and water to sleep outside

You have to prepare fresh food and water for the Japanese Spitz every day. You also need to make sure that someone checks regularly to make sure the bowl is not overflowing, freezing, or evaporating.

Japanese Spitz, sleeping outside, needs a clean living area

Japanese Spitz is so easy to domesticate because they don’t like to live in their own filth. If the bad weather makes us unable to clean honey’s favorite backyard toilet for a few days, she will not be happy. Can you imagine what it’s like for a dog to be locked up in a place where he can’t get rid of his garbage? So yes, even in your own backyard, find an easy way to scoop up the feces.

Japanese Spitz sleeping outside needs exercise

Because I work with buyers every day, I hear a lot of people tell me that they are looking for a yard for their dogs to play in. Do they really think their Japanese Spitz will be entertaining themselves and Japanese Spitz won’t need training or walking? Some Japanese Spitz amuses themselves in the yard. But most Japanese Spitz, if they stay outside, will eventually find themselves standing outside begging to be put back. All Japanese Spitz (like humans) have to think. Just because they’re outside doesn’t mean they’re doing it.


Japanese Spitz is our best friend

Today, many of us think Japanese Spitz sleeping outdoors is a step backward. It doesn’t fit our understanding that dogs are companions. The two dogs keep company with each other. They have a protected area with shade in summer and comfortable straw (or snow) to keep them warm in winter. They have high-quality food and fresh water. They clean people every day. They find each other, their humans, and the environment around them very exciting. Buy a Japanese Spitz.

Can Japanese Spitz sleep outside?

I think so, but the premise is that Japanese Spitz should have the necessities I mentioned every day. Maybe your Japanese Spitz comes from a long list of watchdog. Or have small partners in Yukon. But if Japanese Spitz is frightened by strange sounds, or people who especially like Japanese Spitz, her bloodline and bloodline don’t matter. So is the beautiful house you built for Japanese Spitz. She should be with you. But if you decide it’s OK to let your Japanese Spitz sleep outside, you can even decide to join it and enjoy a starry night with your best friend.