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Can Japanese Spitz eat human food?

Can Japanese Spitz eat human food? Your Japanese Spitz knows how delicious human food is. Maybe you think he should eat table waste as his staple food. The problem is that some of the smacking food you eat is dangerous for your dog. It’s not only a cause of stomach discomfort, but it can also even lead to disease in your dog, and certain types of food can cause fatal symptoms.



Chocolate is one of the most common foods harmful to Japanese Spitz, so we think we should take it off the list earlier. Japanese Spitz owners know it’s best not to leave one or two toblers lying. Chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, belonging to the methylxanthine class. When we hear the saying “the darker the color of chocolate, the more dangerous it is”, it is because white chocolate contains less methylxanthine. Therefore, it is less toxic. If eaten by Japanese Spitz, chocolate can cause vomiting, dehydration, abdominal pain, violent agitation, muscle tremor, arrhythmia, hyperthermia, seizures and death.


Yes, we know that little Japanese Spitz drank his mother’s milk after he was born. However, like humans, dogs may also suffer from lactose intolerance. Milk contains sugar that dogs cannot break down. Drinking milk can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems. Although it is not immediately life-threatening, it can lead to severe exposure to bacteria in dogs, which can eventually lead to disease.

Food that causes Japanese Spitz to vomit

Having an occasional pizza may not make your dog dump everything on your floor, but it’s not appropriate for him to put the remaining mashed potatoes and gravy in his bowl. Dogs like to wrap up human food quickly because it’s so delicious. The faster your dog eats, the more likely he is to have stomach problems and vomit all the food he eats. That’s one of the least dangerous causes of vomiting. Others include greasy foods, such as hamburgers, that don’t drain or rinse; foods that your puppy has allergies to, which often come from protein sources. Or food that is toxic to dogs, such as chocolate and macadamia.
Food causing diarrhea in Japanese Spitz
Many foods can cause diarrhea and flatulence, including changing your dog’s menu or adding something to his diet that he can’t digest properly. Food allergies can also cause odor symptoms. Any type of food or drink can cause problems, especially dairy products.


Other poisonous food

As long as your Japanese Spitz doesn’t eat anything poisonous, vomiting, diarrhea and gas are the most common symptoms you will encounter. But if your little one swallows something harmful to the dog, such as grapes, macadamias, chocolate and peach stones, there will be a series of other symptoms. These symptoms include tremor, excessive wheezing, drowsiness, loss of coordination, seizures, acute paralysis, coma and even death. Diseases such as anemia and pancreatitis can even occur in certain foods, such as minced meat and onions. On the back of your Japanese Spitz’s food bag or can, you’ll see specific guidelines on how much food to feed it every day. If he often eats his food and the residue on the table, he may gain unhealthy weight. Overweight dogs have many problems, such as diabetes, joint pain and heart disease. If he eats mostly leftovers from the table, he won’t get the nutrition he needs to be a healthy dog. Your Japanese Spitz needs a certain amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fatty acids and fiber, otherwise he will start to have problems, including excessive shedding, skin and muscle problems, and behavioral changes. Buy a Japanese Spitz.
The most important thing in pet care is to know what you can and can’t feed. After all, there’s nothing worse than having your dog suffer from a simple eating mistake. Although they are still human’s best friends, they probably shouldn’t eat like your best friends.