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Can Jack Chis be left alone?

Your Jack Chi is your pride and happiness, so it makes sense that you want to make sure it’s as happy as possible, right? Many dog parents are nervous about leaving Jack Chi at home all day, even for a few hours, and you don’t do it alone. We felt anxious and nervous because Jack Chi was at home alone and didn’t know what happened or why their human left. What’s more, Jack Chi will also feel worried, causing them to suffer a lot of separation anxiety. If you’re worried that Jack Chi is suffering from separation anxiety during your working day, here are some things that can help you prevent it.

Train your Jack chi to be alone at home

From the time your Jack Chi is with you, get used to a crate. Make sure you only associate boxes with good things. Leave the door of the box open so Jack Chi can check it himself. If you do it right, you’ll find Jack Chi alone, dozing and chewing toys. When you leave, keep your Jack Chi in the cage, but make sure you’ve trained him to stay in the cage with the door closed – don’t just surprise him with the door closed when you leave home. Sturdy crates, such as Midwest life stage folding metal dog crates, work best, but be sure to put them on a comfortable pillow so that your Jack Chi can lie somewhere while you’re not. It’s a good idea to put some padding on both sides. Also, don’t forget to put a water bowl in it so that your Jack Chi can reach it at any time.

Don’t say goodbye to Jack Chi when you’re leaving

Jack Chi is more aware of our emotional changes than we realize. So don’t cry and coo and cuddle with a lot of people when you leave. He will become anxious because he will attract your attention and worry when he is alone. Your departure will be associated with his worries. So, keep calm, if you like, give him a pet and a treat, and then calmly lock him in the box. If you keep calm, he won’t have any reason to panic in the first place.

Give Jack Chi a favorite toy when it is alone

If you find your Jack Chi in trouble, when you leave him alone, consider buying him a special toy or treat him, he likes and keeps it when you leave home. He doesn’t associate your leaving with a bad feeling, but with his favorite toy or food. A lot of anxiety should be solved in this way. It’s all about association, remember! Toys can work best with handles or peanut butter stuffed classic dog toys like holes, as they offer fun and treatment at the same time. Get them ready – stuffed and frozen, ready to put on hand. Be sure to choose a toy that suits Jack Chi’s chewing habits.

You need to give your Jack Chi time to get used to being alone

Your Jack Chi’s natural separation anxiety won’t go away overnight. Give your dog time to get used to the fact that you come back every time, and eventually he will learn to trust you and your return, especially if he has enough exercise and something to spare. However, if you feel that you have given him enough time, and he still does not adapt, you can consider asking for a second opinion.

Ignoring Jack Chi’s behavior

When you come back, your Jack Chi is likely to chase you around and whimper. In addition to greeting him with a pet’s head, ignore his behavior as much as you can. You’re basically telling him, “calm down, so I’m leaving. It’s no big deal. I’m back now. ” Jack Chi will get the message and begin to comfort himself. Your Jack Chi can be alone, remember that! So when you come back, don’t whimper for every sound he makes.

You have to keep calm

If you come home and find that your Jack Chi has messed up his box or broken his toy, don’t get angry with him. As mentioned earlier, Jack Chi needs some time to relax and know that you will come back every time you leave, so don’t make “leave” society worse by punishing him. If you find that he often destroys toys, try to exercise him more in advance – Jack Chi may just be bored! Buy a Jack Chi.

You have to be patient

Last but not least, be patient with your Jack Chi! Depending on the background and the dog’s headscarf, your dog will need time to adapt to being left alone. Even if everything you do is right, your Jack Chi may never get used to being alone without panicking. You can consult a professional or minimize your separation from him. The trick is to remember that your Jack Chi is also a life, so consider how he feels.