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Can I feed my samoyed a raw diet?

There is no right or wrong in feeding your Samoyed. There are a lot of controversial comments from different veterinarians about raw food, which is why it’s hard to say which is better. Let’s explain the composition of raw food.

Should I give my Samoyed raw food?

Samoyeds are bred to be very strong dogs. They are used for sledding, hunting, and grazing. This means that they have to have enough energy to do the hard work. Most Samoans eat raw food when they leave in the harsh Arctic climate. This means they eat a lot of raw meat and vegetables, etc. Samoyed owners feed their dogs with any meat scraps they get.
Today, many Samoan owners begin to return to this eating habit, which they used to eat in the wild. It’s good for dogs and a good choice for those who can afford it. But you have to be careful to make sure your Samoyeds get all the nutrition they need. The Samoyed diet should be a proper balance of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Your Samoyeds will demand that all of this be healthy. In addition, you have to pay attention to the proportion of the food you give them. This kind of dog fattens easily. If all of these are taken into account, your Samoyed will grow well raw.

What should Samoyed dogs eat in raw food?

As mentioned above, your Samoyeds should have a balanced diet. This means that all the necessary nutrients should be present in their diet. You should change your protein every week so they don’t get tired of eating the same thing every day. You can also try feeding saltwater fish once a week. What you should not forget are fatty acids. Be sure to add healthy fats to their diet.


How much do you feed the Samoyed raw food?

Most owners feed adult samoyed raw twice a day. In general, the feeding amount of puppies should be 2-3% of their ideal adult weight. This amount should be divided into three or four meals a day. When they’re six to seven months old, you can start adding edible bones to their diet. Try to adjust the feeding pattern according to their growth. When your Samoyed is one year old, you can switch to feeding twice a day. It’s good for their digestion, especially raw food. Slowly start to increase the amount of food to 3-4% of body weight. Because Samoyeds are such high-energy dogs, you may need to increase it to more than 5%.