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Can I ensure a happy life for Belgian Malinois?

The Belgian Malinois is a perfect dog and people have time and space for him. He needs training, so naturally, there should be a place to burn his energy. It is very important for the owner to take part in the sport of the Belgian Malinois. The wide fenced backyard is the perfect place to be Marino. Some sports for the Belgian Malinova can be done there. For example, a Belgian Malinois may play with you or your child, draining his energy. Of course, that’s not enough. Walking your Marino in a park or other place is also necessary.


Belgian Malinois can’t stay out all the time

Belgian Malinois dogs like to stay in the yard for a long time. But if you don’t want the Belgian Malinoisir to come to your house, you shouldn’t get the Belgian Malinois. This kind of dog can’t live outside all the time. If you’re looking for a dog that lives in the yard, Malinois is not for you.

Belgian Malinois needs a lot of space

If you have a big house big enough for your active Belgian Malinois, he will be happy. If you have a lot of valuable things or expensive furniture, you should exercise him enough, because when a dog stays at home alone or he hardly spends all his energy, he can do a lot of harm.


The Belgian Malinova needs your company

Don’t forget, your Belgian Malinois needs you. If you work a lot, or you’re not home at night or on weekends, choose a different breed of dog. Malino, a Belgian, can’t live alone. He needs his master.
Belgian Malinois is prone to hair loss
Belgian Malinois dogs are not suitable for people who have expensive carpets or don’t like dogs. They lose a lot of hair. Malino, a Belgian, has short hair, but he loses it twice a year. Ready to pick up a lot of hair. Please think about this before you bring the Malinois to your home.
Generally speaking, the most important condition for a Belgian Malinois to live in any environment is to feel love and be close to his owner. Belgian Malinoiswas like and need to play and run frequently, so a fenced backyard is more convenient. The Belgian Malinois can also live in a house, but this is not the best idea given his size and energy.