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Can Great Pyrenees swim?

The Great Pyrenees, with their huge, shimmering white fur, are well qualified to be officially called majestic. These giant dogs have long served as guardians of humans and cattle. On the one hand, they are calm and they love entertainment, on the other hand, they are extremely loyal and territorial. To have them is to love them. However, their huge size reminds their owners of a few questions, as we are going to discuss today.

Can the Great Pyrenees swim?

The Great Pyrenees is not a naturally skilled breed of swimming dogs, unlike poodles and golden retrievers. In addition, their large size makes swimming more difficult. However, if you start training your pet, the Great Pyrenees, when they are young, have a chance that they can learn to swim because they grow up. Many factors determine the quality of a dog’s swimming. The most important one is their personality. If they’re not born to do this, you can hardly change that.


Do you like swimming in the Pyrenees?

In order to know whether the Great Pyrenees like swimming, we must first understand their way of life in the wild. Originally, the dogs belonged to the Pyrenees and were named after them. These mountains are the border between Spain and France. About a hundred years (or more) ago, the Great Pyrenees was appointed guardian of livestock. As a result, these dogs are used to living in dry, high altitude areas and have little chance to spend time in the water. Since a species is rarely exposed to water, it is natural that the Great Pyrenees does not like swimming. Most of the Great Pyrenees are deliberately protected from water contact. They’re not the kind of dogs that like to run on the beach with you because the beach is so close.