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Can Great Danes be left alone?

Because Great Danes are not used to being at home alone, they are more likely to have separation anxiety. In addition, the owner should take the dog to the bathroom every 2 hours. Adult Great Danes who are used to being at home alone can be left at home longer because they may have learned to sleep when you are not at home. For older Danes, the time you can keep them together safely depends on factors such as their health – older dogs may need to urinate more frequently.


What do you think about leaving the Great Dane at home alone?

First of all, we should consider the age of the Great Dane, and then the health status and problems of the dog. In addition, we should also consider the separation anxiety of big Danes. We should also pay attention to the training of big Danes and their behaviors. In addition, the feeding frequency and exercise of the Great Dane are also factors to be considered. For example, when your dog is alone, your dog may not feel anxious, but what about the poop time? Do they have enough food when they are alone? Or become bored with your most valuable toys? When deciding how long you can leave your dog at home alone, take into account everything you know about your dog.

What happens when your Great Dane stays at home alone?

It may not be big for a dog to stay at home alone. For others, this may lead to one or more of the following painful behaviors, which may indicate that your dog is bored, anxious, or stressed at home. The Great Danes scratch or bite. The Great Dane chews furniture and clothes. Big Danes overeat or get lost.
The Great Dane whines, howls, and barks. Big Danes pee or run away. Your furniture and clothes can be changed, but if your dog gets lost, it’s even more dangerous! GPS is a good way to let your dog or dog feel safe when they leave your house or when they are alone. Because working dogs are prone to irritability and boredom, they are not easily abandoned dogs.

There are two things to do before you leave your Great Dane

When you go out to work or leisure without a big Dane, you should do the following things first:
(1) Make sure your dog gets some exercise first
Before you leave your big Dane alone at home, the best thing you can do is make sure your dog gets some exercise first. Start by learning how to walk your dog, which is good for you and your dog. When you take your dog for a walk or exercise, it is likely that your Great Dane will faint in sleep! This gives you a chance to leave home.

(2) Avoid giving your Great Dane free rein
Especially at the beginning, try to put your dog where they feel comfortable. Once your friends get used to being alone at home, they can be alone without any restrictions.
Step by step, you should guide and train your Great Dane to be at home alone. Proper training is essential when teaching your Great Dane to be alone at home. So practice the “leave and return” scenario from the moment you have a dog. You have to tell your Great Dane that it is absolutely OK to be at home alone and you will come back eventually. You can put on your shoes and go to the door. If you notice your dog panicking, try to ignore it so they get used to it. Repeat at least three times a day.
As soon as you get home, don’t give your dog a warm welcome at the door. Doing so will give your dog a signal that it’s only normal to go home, business as usual. When you get home, you order your Great Dane to go to bed. When they have settled down at your command, welcome them calmly and let them feel your love.