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Can Gordon setters swim?

Gordon Setter dogs are born with strong instincts, including barking, digging, and being totally lovable to humans. Some people also think that swimming is a natural skill for all dogs. Unless it’s something all dogs can do. But swimming is not necessarily a natural ability for the Gordon setter. Like many other amphibians, Gordon tends to be completely drowned in a bag of bricks. For these dogs, keeping the head above the water is as easy as keeping the nose away from the tail of other dogs. In other words, it’s almost impossible.
When it comes to swimming, some Gordon setters can swim and some Gordon setters should avoid all water conditions. This is mainly because of their strong limbs, but this ability may also be present in their genes. Many of them are specially bred to salvage waterfowl or carry out water rescue. Every dog has a strong tradition of swimming in the same breed and generally enjoys swimming in the water.


The physical ability of Gordon Setter

Some Gordon setters may have the physical ability to swim, but they still have a deadly fear of water. These animals are prone to panic when they are underwater. For a dog in the water, panic can quickly lead to fatigue, which makes it more likely to drown. This is bad news for you and your pet. When a dog is frightened in the water, it will try to climb on you, kick and scratch until you land successfully (if you are teaching your dog to swim, bring a suitable lifebuoy). The animal’s personality is also an important factor in determining whether he can swim. Some dogs don’t even like to go out in the rain, let alone go swimming.


Swimming fun of the Gordon Setter

If your Gordon Setter is not Michael Phelps’ dog version, don’t despair. You can still enjoy the water with a land-loving dog. Suppose your Gordon Setter really likes to be submerged. There are many different life jackets and jackets to keep your Gordon Setter safe in a pool or pond. For those who like to stay dry, there will always be a dog day bed resting by the water.