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Can Golden Retriever be left alone?

We should spend as much time with Golden Retriever as we can, but it can be left alone at home. Golden Retrievers, especially puppies, are very familiar with their environment when left alone at home. They love to tear and gnaw for satisfaction, which is a cause for concern. We sometimes underestimate the little guy’s ability to play, it’s hard to predict what he’ll be interested in, and it can be dangerous if something we overlook happens.


Potential pitfalls:

Golden retrievers can play with paper towels, string, balls of thread, and swallow them, including playing with curtain cords, Venetian blinds, and getting tangled in strings. This suggests that to keep an active, playful and emotionally aggressive golden retriever at home, we need to think of as much as possible to avoid the unexpected. On the big side, keep the room temperature and humidity of the dog comfortable and avoid direct sunlight; It is better to have a separate room, a separate area, and not just put it in the cage. In the activity area, sleeping area, sports area, defecate area, drinking water area, can not be absent. Toys can be placed in the sleeping area, and many golden retrievers have a habit of eating in the sleeping area, so keep a small amount of pet gum available to pass the time.

How to leave Golden Retriever alone at home

We should not choose the style of the cage with the tray. On the one hand, the cage is not a toilet and can not be left to lazar. On the other hand, puppies are easy to be caught in the claws. You can put a nest pad in a cage and it will go to sleep. At the same time, the cage is not too large, the water is best placed outside the cage, keep the door of the cage is open, free access. Every day golden retriever will inevitably have to go to the toilet several times, we let golden retriever in the designated place is not difficult, we can use the dog toilet, urinal pad, defecation guide, the waste newspaper can, once the dog adapted to the designated place to go to the toilet, to let it continue to adhere to; Don’t blame, even if you’re passing around, because blame won’t get you anywhere.
For a golden retriever to move in a restricted area, a pen or enclosure is needed, especially when there is no one at home. It is easier for a puppy to break out of the enclosure than for an adult to get trapped. The first step in keeping an adult golden retriever safe is to ensure daily energy release from exercise. No attempt is made to climb over fences or enclosures when there are no people around. Toys and gum bites can help kill the time he spends alone. Of course, there should be a reward for good behavior.



Don’t make it a habit to “greet” and “say goodbye” to your dog when we go out and in, so it’s best to limit the area of the house that is directly in front of us, or it will be able to see us coming in and out at any time. The influence of modern life on the golden retriever’s life has been so profound that even his sleeping habits have had to be changed. Golden retrievers don’t sleep exactly as humans do, and when we rest, they seem to fall asleep, too. However, dogs do get a chance to sleep, mostly around noon and around 2 or 3 a.m., for varying amounts of time. Young and older golden retrievers slept longer, while older golden retrievers slept less. Golden retrievers sleep light and deep, and lack of sleep can lead to reduced functioning, memory loss, restlessness, and lack of energy. The golden retriever is at home by himself, sleeping, resting, playing, and hanging out all need to be arranged by Yiyi. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.