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Can German shepherds be left alone?

German shepherd dogs are a great breed to have, but they can often be very loud. If they want something, they tell the world by complaining, crying or barking. The solution is to make sure that if they are not disturbed, they will get everything they need.

Can German Shepherds stay outside?

Although it’s good to give your German Shepherd a period of time to get fresh air, they shouldn’t stay out all the time. German shepherd dogs are gregarious animals. To really thrive, they have to spend time with people. Now we’re going to look at this subject in more detail. Leaving a German Shepherd is a problem.


Potential problems with leaving a German Shepherd

If your German shepherd dog is alone, a lot of things will go wrong and you haven’t taken any precautions in advance.
Your most noteworthy issues include:
(1) Your furniture has been gnawed away
(2) You will find that the dog has found some unsatisfactory places to urinate.
(3) Your dog has decided to provide shoes, TV remote control and any other small items as chewy toys for the dog.
(4) Your sofa is a good place to dig and bury these newly discovered treasures.
You should remember that our modern dogs are rooted in wolves. Wolf is a social animal, living in a strict social structure. Modern dogs adapt to this instinct by acting like a group in which they form a hierarchy. As a gregarious animal, if separated from other social animals, they will be very unhappy. German shepherds will not hesitate to tell the world that they are not happy.

Your problems with your German Shepherd alone are not limited to destructive behavior (which is bad enough). German shepherd dogs may also show anxiety and health problems. Of course, you may also face the challenge of noise. Barking, complaining and Howling can be a serious problem, especially when your neighbor is close.