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Can French Bulldogs swim?

Can French Bulldogs swim? The front of the French Bulldog is much heavier than the back. Because of the heavyweight ahead, a French Bulldog can only swim forward for a short time. When they want to turn, French Bulldogs often have trouble, and then the heavyweight in front of them will make them tilt and sink. If the French Bulldog’s head falls off, he can’t let himself float to the surface. You have to get him out of the water quickly.


French Bulldogs can swim

For example, if you want to go for a walk on the beach with your French Bulldog, it’s best to have him line up so that you can control the distance he gets into the water. To make sure your Frenchman doesn’t drown when entering deep water, life jackets are available. In addition, the flat face of the French Bulldog makes it almost impossible for some people to raise their nose high enough to breathe air. French Bulldogs sink into the water because they have more muscle than fat. This makes it almost impossible for them to float on their bodies.

How to ensure the safety of French Bulldog swimming?

Your French Bulldog can still go swimming as long as you do something to ensure their safety.
(1) You’re going to put a life jacket on the French Bulldog.
When your French Bulldog is in the water a lot, it doesn’t matter if they can swim. They need a life jacket in case they fall into the water. When you look for a life jacket for your French Bulldog, you will want to look for these key features: the life jacket should provide enough buoyancy; the life jacket should not irritate the skin; the life jacket should fit; the life jacket should not slide up and down when the French Bulldog swims.

(2) You’re going to get a dog pool for the French Bulldog
If you don’t like a French doggie and a bullfight, give it a float. When you find a pool for your Frenchman, you need to consider the following: the pool can resist the holes left by their sharp claws; the pool uses non-toxic materials; the pool is the right size, so it is easy to get in and out of the pool.