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Can Dogs Eat Bones?

In our culture, dogs like to eat bones, which is a normal thing. Dogs used to throw bones to dogs after every meal. But is it true? Can dogs really eat bones? Here’s a look at the issue of whether dogs can eat bones and the dog feeding myths.


Before dogs were domesticated by humans, food was scarce and they sometimes had to gnaw on the bone marrow to provide fat and nutrients for their bodies. Then, in the natural survival of the fittest dogs, will be born with a bone-biting desire. However, gradually by the family dog breeding, in the case of sufficient food, bones are no longer necessary for it. And domesticated by humans, because of changes in Diet. Its stomach, though, is more capable of digesting bone than a human. But that doesn’t mean the dog is 100 percent safe from biting a bone.

The damage for a dog eating the bone:

In general, it’s not recommended to let the dog eat the bone. Although some people would say that dogs eat bones that can supplement calcium! However, the calcium in the bones is not easily absorbed by the puppy’s stomach, if not absorbed, it will calcify, thus blocking the puppy’s anus. Parents can use liquid calcium and calcium tablets as a source of calcium for their dogs. In addition, small bones, such as chicken bones, can scratch the esophagus as the dog struggles to swallow. If these fine bones weren’t sufficiently dissolved by stomach acid. It is possible to puncture a dog’s stomach pouch, lacerating its intestines and anus, etc.


Here we have to pay attention to, some of the big bones after the stew, we can not feed to the dog to eat, because these big bones, although very big, it seems to be easy to be broken by the dog. However, after a long time to boil, in fact, the big bone has become very brittle, easy to be crushed by the dog, these crushed bones slag, eat into the dog’s stomach, is like a sharp knife. In case your dog accidentally eats a chicken bone and gets a violent cough or difficulty breathing, remove the bone carefully if you can see it so it doesn’t puncture the dog’s esophagus and stomach. However, if no bones can be seen, we should take the dog pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible.