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Can Chihuahua Be Left Alone?

It’s normal for a Chihuahua to be alone at home. Owners who want their dogs to be left alone need a lot of help. The wrong way to raise a Chihuahua can lead to depression in the long term, we have to put ourselves in Chihuahua’s shoes, in order to better accompany Chihuahua, we must find the best way, this is the Chihuahua help.


Chihuahua, one of the world’s oldest and smallest dog breeds, is named after the Mexican town of Chihuahua, perhaps because of this, the Petite Chihuahua has the bravery and fearlessness of a terrier. They are never shy of other dogs, and are prepared to attack indiscriminately if anything happens to them! If you don’t want your shoes, socks, and towels to get caught in the crossfire, it’s best to keep them out of sight of the Chihuahua, who won’t miss a chance to tear them apart. The easiest way to stop a Chihuahua is to put it in a cage, but the Chihuahua will scream hysterically and the neighbors will be looking for you. Chihuahuas are very clingy, especially for their owners who only want their owners to accompany them every day. They are very possessive of their owners, so if you have a Chihuahua, you have to be able to accept that, and if you see you touching other dogs, it’s gonna be pissed, too.

Pay attention to the balconies and windows:

First of all, we should pay attention to the balconies and windows in our homes. Cities are mostly high-rise buildings. Windows are potentially dangerous for Chihuahuas, the curious guy who sometimes jumps out of windows. On the balcony also want to do a good precaution, the guardrail should be tall, the gap in the middle should be small, do not leave the hole that can let Chihuahua drill out, Chihuahua likes to drill a hole as much as the mouse.


Pay attention to the wiring:

Then pay attention to the wiring in your home, and make sure there are no exposed wiring in your home. Electrical wiring is best done when the owner is out and sleeping because chihuahuas seem to have a grudge against these rubber things, when bored, they chew on power lines. Many fires are caused by Chihuahuas chewing through power lines, and Chihuahuas themselves are at risk of being electrocuted.

Make sure the Chihuahua is safe:

We leave our purebred chihuahuas alone in the house, we make sure the dogs are safe, and we do our job. Faced with the problem of Chihuahua alone at home, we must solve in time, do not let the danger in the home hurt Chihuahua, Chihuahua alone home is the most important safety issue, but also to give the dog some good toys to play with. We’re better off spending more time with Chihuahuas, but we can leave the dog alone if we have to. Although it was a difficult experience to leave our beloved Chihuahua alone at home. But if we can learn some simple techniques and use the right methods, then the Chihuahua will be safe at home. When we’re not at home, we find that dogs are calmer and more relaxed, and we feel happier!