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Can Brittany Spaniels live in apartments?

A dog named after its region of origin. Brittany hounds are hunters’ best friends because they are specially raised for bird hunting. Brittany hounds come from a region called Brittany, a disputed Province in northwest France between the 17th and 19th centuries. They are good family mates, and in the early days, they were closer to hunters than other directional species. Brittany Hound is a happy, interesting, and energetic dog. They are also generally considered to be very active and great family members. Depending on the person looking for a pet, Brittany has a lot of energy to test your level of activity. But if you can keep up with them, they are a first-class breed of dogs coming home with their medium size and high attitude towards life. Brittany hounds belong to a kind of hounds. It is well known that they are very fond of hunters and family members who live with them. They are especially work-oriented, and if they stay at home too long, they make a mess of things.


Brittany hounds are not very suitable for living in apartments

Brittany hounds are certainly not for everyone, especially those who don’t live the size of an apartment. Due to the overactive nature of the Brittany hound, a small area will be a breed of dog that has a lot of energy to spare less.

Cold tolerance of Brittany Hound

Brittany hounds are good for cold weather and don’t need extra protection against the cold air around them. They are monolayer and high-energy, which is enough to keep them warm in winter.

Tolerance of Brittany hound to high temperature

Brittany retrievers are likely to overheat and dehydrate easily, but if their activity levels are monitored from time to time, they are also suitable for hot weather.

The barking tendency of Brittany hounds

Despite their comparable energy levels, they are relatively calm and composed dogs and have little tendency to bark all day long.

Brittany hounds are not suitable for cats

The Brittany Hound is a hunting dog and usually has a hunting instinct. They are bound to be aggressive to small animals, so it’s best to drive them away. But if a Brittany cat is raised as a puppy, they may have better social skills and won’t cause trouble to other animals.


Grooming needs of Brittany Hound

The Brittany family rarely has a hair removal season, so they don’t need too much decoration to look good. The shedding of the Brittany Hound is not a concern for those who own the breed.

Activity needs of Brittany hounds

These four-legged creatures have all the energy in the world, and you have to spend an hour every day to keep them excited and tired. Not everyone can have a Brittany because it’s hard to keep up with them. Brittany Hound is suitable for people who live an active life.

The trainability of Brittany hounds

It’s hard for them to train because they’re smart and stubborn when they train them. Patience helps owners, because Brittany hounds are also very sensitive to rough punishment, and they tend to get frustrated.