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Can Biewer Terrier be left alone?

Biewer Terriers, like all dogs, require love and attention. They are social creatures just like humans and do not appreciate being left alone for extended periods. They can easily get depressed and nervous and develop separation anxiety. This can be challenging for owners with long working hours.
If you are wondering how long you can leave your Yorkie alone, know that it depends on several factors such as your pet’s age, its character, and whether it is used to being left alone.
How Long Can I Leave My Yorkie Alone?
One of the hardest things for any pet owner to do is to leave their precious furry baby alone during the day. It is normal for your Biewer Terrier to become confused, sad, or even scared when you leave it alone in the first few days.
Age is the key element here. Puppies are not used to being alone. They need constant care and attention, not to mention needing to be let out for peeing and pooping. They are very affectionate and rely on you, so leaving them alone for many hours is stressful and can lead to an anxiety disorder. Therefore, pups up to 18 months should only be left alone for 2 to 3 hours a day.
Adults over 18 months can be left alone for 4 to 6 hours. At this age, they are used to being alone and learned to sleep when you are not around. Similarly, older dogs can manage 2 to 6 hours depending on their health. If you want to have your own Biewer Terriers, you can click here for more information.