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Can Bichon Frises eat fruit?

Now the owners of the Bichon Frise care about it as a treasure in their hands. Even in order to let the bear grow up healthily, they will buy a lot of nutrition or various snacks to feed it. It can be said that there is a state of doting for the Bichon Frise dog. You should know that the dog can eat what you give. In order to make the Bichon Frise eat well, the owner can basically feed him what he thinks is good, such as some fruits, and even more comfortable than people. However, when the owner feeds the Bichon Frise food, many things still need to be paid attention to. Can Bichon Frises eat fruit? Let’s have a look.


1. Bichon Frises don’t need to eat fruit to supplement VC.

The body structure of Bichon Frise dogs is very different from that of human beings. For example, it has a special function that people don’t have, that is, the meat they eat can synthesize vitamin C in the body. Isn’t it amazing? If you feed a Bichon Frise just to supplement vitamin C, it’s unnecessary.

2. The advantages and disadvantages of fruit for Bichon Frises.

Fruit can be adjusted after eating when you find a Bichon Frise with constipation or loss of appetite. Because the fruit is rich in cellulose and water, can enhance the function of gastrointestinal function. In addition, the taste of fruit can make the bear dog like it, so the owner should try not to choose the fruit with too high sugar content when feeding it. In addition, the dog should also eat the right amount of fruit.


3. What fruit does the Bichon Frises eat well?

The owner can feed some fruits such as apples, pears, peaches, cherries, watermelons, and so on. If it is a banana, which can promote digestion, the owner should give it a small amount of food. However, it mainly depends on your Bichon Frise’s intestines and stomach. After all, some dogs can eat and will be lax. If this happens, the owner will not feed it anymore.

4. Notes on feeding Bichon Frises fruit:

The owner must not give the Bichon Frise some fruit with core, such as grapes, raisins, pomegranates, plums, and so on, because this kind of seed is not only chewable but also its intestinal tract is unable to digest.