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Can Belgian Malinois live outside?

The fur of the Belgian Malinois dog is bred to adapt to the mild and humid climate in Belgium and its surrounding areas. It is a double-layer coating with a short outer layer but built-in water resistance. I mean, if they shower with water, they will still be wet, but you may notice that in light rain or light rain, they keep dry than you usually expect.
Under this short coarse outer coat, the Belgian Malinois has a very dense and soft undercoat. Mother’s natural double coat design helps you do two things at once. Provides cold protection and insulation to keep Belgian Malinois dogs cool in high temperatures. Hotter than that may cause them some serious problems. It should also be noted that although the Belgian Malinois has a slightly better coat, it does not give a real hairy breed.


Can Belgian Malinois dogs live outside in hot weather?

Belgian Malinois are much better than other breeds of Belgian Malinois in hot weather. You can say that the Belgian Malinois is built for a mixture of cold and hot. Nevertheless, the heat that may be experienced in summer can have a negative impact on the dog. If you live in a hot southern part of the world, you should avoid leaving your Belgian Malinoiswa outside for a long time in the summer. Of course, for those living in generally cold areas, have more room because their summers are much milder. No matter where you live in the world, Belgian Malinois dogs need some basic necessities to get through the warm weather.

Shade for Belgian Malinois is necessary:

Hot weather without shade is quite different from hot weather with shade. If you don’t block the sun, your Belgian Malinois will experience several times the heat. So before you let your dog spend time outside, make sure they have a canopy or some kind of patio cover. When your dog really needs the sun to stop it.
Ordinary surfaces like concrete get very hot in summer:
Anyone who has spent some time in a public swimming pool on a hot summer day will not be unfamiliar with how hot concrete is. This applies to other surfaces such as asphalt and sand. If these surfaces are accessible to your Belgian Malinois, they will not perform well in warm weather. You need to give them a piece of grass for them to lie down, preferably in a shady place. If it’s impossible for some reason, put down the blanket or towel so their little claws don’t burn all the time.


Hot weather Belgian Malinois dogs need water:

In warm summer, water is the lifeblood of Belgian Malinois dogs. Without it, things would be very bad, putting them at risk of heatstroke. You may think it’s enough to give them a full bowl of water and then think about it. Because dogs are excitable, they don’t need much time to pour water on the ground. So you need to make sure their water is safe. A sink, or a bucket, is the best you can give them. Another way is to get something that doesn’t move easily to support their water bowls, such as a towel, brick or woodblock. If possible, you can even bolt it to the ground to make sure it doesn’t fall over.