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Can a whippet live with a cat?

Can a Whippet live with a cat. Really, you don’t want to see a Whippet on the wrong prey. In this case, our lovely Whippet puppies will suddenly become extremely fast and efficient raptors. So, Whippet and cats can only live together through good training.

Can Whippet live with cats?

Whippets have a strong predatory instinct, which makes whipppet an excellent racing dog and hunter, but also makes them see small, hairy animals as potential games. Once, I saw my Whippet staring at an unsuspecting lady in gorgeous mink skin with a very focused and dangerous look. You can see that they are asking themselves what kind of animal she is and whether she can catch prey well. My Whippet respects cats very much. We have a very big tabby cat. Although Whippet and cat don’t really embrace each other, Whippet and cat lie together, smell each other, and coexist completely without any worries. Last year we had a lively kitten. At the beginning, we observed the kitten and Whippet very carefully. Whippet gets on well with kittens. Whippet and kittens often play and interact. Buy a Whippet.

How to make Whippet and cat live in peace?


The strength of Whippet’s prey drive is an important factor in determining whether your cat is safe or not. Even so, Whippet can be very selective. Cats, birds and other dogs are not what we care about. Squirrel, on the other hand, is a completely different story. If Whippet finds a squirrel, she’ll go crazy. Personally, I didn’t have any luck trying to mix whippets and cats to live together, but other whippets told me that it didn’t have to be so, especially when dogs were with cats from the beginning. Some whippets and cats learn to respect local cats, especially when they are introduced as puppies to confident old cats who already live in houses. My whipppet is a raccoon panda raised in Maine. Whipppet has learned to respect cats (because they are as big as her). She really likes their company, especially on cold winter nights. However, when we meet a cat in a walk, Whippet will think of his temperament and jump like a wild horse with a leash. To stop the annoying hunting instinct of whipppet, when whipppet saw a cat, I turned around and took a few steps in the opposite direction. As soon as she calmed down, we went on walking. If you want to buy a Whippet at home and you already have a cat, find a dog that has proven to be cat proof. In any case, introducing a new pet to make whipppet and cat get along well always requires great care to avoid accidents and irreparable pain between species.