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Can a Weston jump?

Is your Weston easy to jump? Any Weston has a tendency to jump. What you need to do is to teach Weston to jump. Only when Weston is sitting well, will he get this kind of greeting. Practice with people you know, let them stand and ignore until the dog is sitting, and then offer hospitality quickly. If Weston jumps, they will become a tree, and Weston will fall on the ground, There was hospitality, touch and greeting, and as soon as Weston left the ground, all the people became trees. Practice with her at home, then take food to the street and teach children to play games.

Why does Weston jump?

When Weston is a puppy, Weston jumps these things take time, there will be a lot of setbacks, make things interesting, and stay positive for the dog and yourself. In my opinion, social activities are more important for Weston than learning not to jump, but you can do these two things. You only need one skill. This skill is good for stopping Weston’s jump, and it works well. Just make sure you have a lot of delicious food. When my dog was very young, I ate a lot of delicious food with him. Every time she did a great thing, she would get a delicious food, whether it was to go to bed, lie down or sit down to greet a child. Weston’s jumping behavior was extinguished because it was not reinforced in any case. Yes, and then the positive reinforcement of Weston’s four feet on the ground. When your Weston sees you, he will jump, which shows that Weston likes you very much. But if you don’t want Weston to jump, you can ask a friend to help you train. Don’t let Weston jump. Try to be with different friends. Explain to them that you are training your Weston not to jump on others, they should be willing to cooperate. They may even want to exchange favors if their Weston jumps on people. Be sure to tell all the people who are coming, because even if only one person comes to reward your dog for jumping on them, they will put their behavior on the variable reward list (VSR), which will reduce Weston’s jumping behavior.

How to stop Weston jump?

You can ask a few friends to join in a specific training course to stop Weston’s jump. We’ll add clickers. A few friends walked clockwise around a big building or city block. You and your friend dog walk counter clockwise. When every friend comes close, you will have a chance to use the above steps to provide new training. Remember, even though you’re at the other end of the chain, you have to absolutely do nothing. No orders, no convulsions, no shouting (that’s the hard part). This approach to a friend is actually eliminating the positive side of jumping. Your job will be to wire the goods you need. After you walk around the building three times, let your friends do it.
Click and process. This should fix the expected behavior to your puppy’s brain. You will find that when your dog thinks about this person’s behavior, it will be more lasting. Buy a Weston.

Train Weston sitting to avoid jumping

Another way is to let your dog’s “sit” behavior hold the cue very firmly, and give the cue, “sit” when Weston may jump up. You can set up a baby door in front of your home. Put the dog on one and you’re on the other side of the baby door. Close to the gate. Weston jumps on the gate. Stay away from the gate. When the dog quietly leaves the gate, you can enter the room and play with Weston. When Weston’s four foot behavior on the floor is firmly learned, you can add the prompt “off.”. To leave means to leave furniture, people and baby gate. This is a very useful tip! Notice that what you teach is “sit when people come” and not “Weston jumps on people and sits down.”. If you go back to the latter, put Weston’s jump on a cue like “claw up” and don’t give up.