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Can a Belgian Tervueren be a family dog?

Can a Belgian Tervueren be a family dog? Welcome to the most controversial topic around the breed of the Belgian Tervueren. There is a heated debate about whether these dogs should be raised in a family environment. Before we go further, one thing needs to be mentioned: they are not typical family dogs. Now let’s take a look at the reasons.


The Belgian Tervueren has high energy

When the Belgian Tervueren are bred as sheep, they have incredibly high energy levels and require an appropriate amount of physical and mental stimulation. The BelgianTervueren have a strong desire to hunt and chase young children when they move quickly. The Belgian Tervueren likes to bite. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that their families are not suitable to play the game. None of these problems is catastrophic. As a smart dog, the Belgian Tervueren can be trained to be a perfect family dog. However, it does need to be paired with the right family. The ideal situation is an active family with a strong leader who has the time and knowledge to train this dog.

How to train a Belgian Tervueren?

The Belgian Tervueren is a working dog. This means that they need to be trained very well or they will have destructive behavior. The Belgian Tervueren is a smart dog, suitable for many tasks, and can be trained to be excellent. They are very sensitive and can accept emotions and intonation, so don’t use any rough/severe treatment on them, because they may resist. As we suggest, any breed, big or small, should avoid advantage based training. Even if you really try to use advantage based technology, you will struggle with the size of the dog.
You should always use positive reinforcement.
Once you bring your Belgian Tervueren home, you should start training them. Socialization is the key to this breed. Because they are wary of strangers, a lot of social activities during their puppies are the key to shaping their character. As a shepherd dog, one of their well-known characteristics is biting, biting, and chasing; it’s almost certain that you need to focus on these aspects early in training. The best way is to have a firm and consistent training program. They also need training programs to meet their mental stimulation needs.


The temperament of the Belgian Tervueren

First of all, we need to know that the temperament of the Belgian Tervueren is that they are a working dog. They breed to protect livestock in their native Belgium. Because of this, they have high drive and energy to match their prey. The Belgian Tervueren is a smart dog that can be trained to handle a variety of tasks/roles. They have a high desire to work, when they often participate in an activity, they will be in the best condition. Now they are not used to protect livestock, but to protect people. If socialized properly, they are a confident dog and can be protective in any situation. In unfamiliar situations, they don’t show signs of aggression or shyness, and they are in a stable mood. Interestingly, like their German relatives, they seem indifferent to strangers, but they like affectionate dogs to their family members. Once he has established contact with your family, he will naturally protect you.
That’s why the Belgian Tervueren is often used as a watchdog. It’s a natural set of skills, and it takes years of selective breeding to produce them. Remember, it’s impossible to predict their exact temperament because it’s not only genetic but also influenced by parenting factors such as socialization and training. Belgian Tervueren is naturally cold to strangers, so you should try to socialize with them from an early age.