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Biewer Yorkie Images

It took some time for the Biewer Yorkies to be accepted. The very first Biewer was born from two Yorkshire Terriers in 1984. Due to the unique coloring and appearance, this one dog was the start of the breed. Though at the time, no one knew where this would lead. In fact, he was given his name (pronounced bee-vare) from the last name of the couple that produced that first puppy in 1984, Werner and Gertrud Biewer.

Biewer clubs quickly popped up, with breeders very excited about this possible new dog breed. At that time, the most well-known clubs that pushed for acceptance were:
• Biewer Terrier Registry of America – BTRA who call the breed “Biewer Terrier”.
• The Biewer Breed International Registry – BBIR who call the breed “Biewer”.
• The Biewer National Registry – BNR who call the breed “Biewer a la Pom Pon”.
• BYA – Biewer Yorkie Association.

Since this was a new breed and no one knew what was to come, the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier was also part of:
• Rarities INc & NAKC – A conformation show organization.
• The American Rare Breed Association.
• The IABCS – A conformation show organization.
• The Rare Breed Network.
• The National Canine Association.
In 2009, the Biewer breed signature was created by Mars Veterinary. The breed standard was then drawn up based on scientific data as opposed to data derived from pedigrees, which makes this a very unique situation.
It was not until 2014 that the Biewer Yorkie was added to the AKC’s Foundation Stock Service.