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Bichon Frise’s eyes care

The Bichon Frise has a pair of talking eyes and is often affectionate. It looks pitiful. The communication between the dog and the owner can’t be without the eye dialogue. Therefore, the owner should take good care of the Bichon Frise’s eyes and not let it get sick. And eye droppings on the dog’s eyes is a problem that can not be ignored. Like humans, Bichon Frises have secretions from their eyes and lacrimal glands. Under normal circumstances, the dog’s eye excrement is a light color, and it will turn brown after drying. Sometimes the inner corner of the eye forms a hard mass, which is easy to clean. But not only the dog with normal eyes will have eye dropsy, but also the dog with abnormal eyes. At this time, the owner should pay special attention to it.


1. What is the cause of abnormal eye dropsy?

Some bear dogs usually have more eye droppings, but there has been no bad situation of tears, this phenomenon is normal. However, when the dog’s eyes appear particularly much, the color is particularly dark, particularly cloudy, it means that the dog’s eyes have a problem. This kind of eye excrement is not only concentrated in the corner of the eye, but also around the eye. There are many reasons for dog’s eye problems, which may be due to eating too much animal viscera, leading to serious internal fire, or eye inflammation caused by irritation, of course, it is also likely to be caused by other more serious diseases. These problems will be shown through the eye dropsy, so dog eye dropsy is a problem that can not be ignored.

2. How to treat Bichon Frises dog with abnormal eye dropsy?

If you often wash your dog’s eyes, it is normal. If you suddenly find that the dog’s eye droppings increase, you can observe whether the dog’s eyes are in tears, whether it is particularly red. If there are these conditions, it is likely that the eyes are inflamed. Owners can try using human eye drops of chloramphenicol for dogs. Generally, it works well for mild eye inflammation. According to 1 / 2 of the standard of human medication, the adverse situation will be improved. If there is no sign of improvement after continuous use for several days, the owner should take the dog to the pet hospital for examination as soon as possible.


3. Which Bichon Frise dogs should pay more attention to eye health?

For the light-colored long hair Bichon Frise, the owner should pay more attention to their eye health. Because to protect the dog’s eyes, it is necessary to ensure that the dog’s hair is cleaned in time. The light-colored long-haired dog has more hair, which is easy to fall into the eyes. This kind of dog is not sensitive and has no special reaction to the impurities in the eyes. The hair will definitely stimulate the eyes, causing the dog to secrete brown eye droppings, or increase the number of eye droppings and tears. If the owner doesn’t take the hair out of the dog’s eyes, the brown eye droppings will be like a dye. The hair around the dog’s eyes will be dyed reddish-brown and messy. It will be very difficult to wash off the color at that time. Like a bear dog with bigger eyes and more hair. Owners should pay more attention to the health of their eyes in order to avoid the dog suffering from eye diseases.