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Belgian Malinois’s temperament

Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized shepherd dog. They are confident, smart, and world-class workers. Their strong and elegant bodies make them look like wary herders. Marbles are people-oriented dogs, so they need your company and a lot of exercises. If you can’t meet the needs of Malinois, Belgium, this variety is not suitable.


History of Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois dogs are native to Belgium. They are also known as jandberg Berger and Belgian shepherd dogs. According to the color and type of fur, there are four varieties of this variety, but it is still called a single variety. There are four breeds: larkness, terwulun, hagrondale and Malinois. These four breeds are considered as independent breeds by the American Kennel Club. This breed is from the common type of Shepard you can find throughout Western Europe. These Shepard dogs are modern breeds, including the Dutch Shepard, bouveld Arden, and the German Shepard.

The personality of Belgian Malinois

This protective and confident breed works well in any situation. They seem reserved for people they don’t know, but they also show love to their families. They have excellent watchdog skills. They use their own strength to protect their property and people. In Belgium, aggression and shyness are inappropriate Malinois. Like all other dogs, the Belgian Malinois needs early socialization. If your Marino is exposed to different sounds, people and scenes at a very young age, your partner will grow up to be a fully developed dog. In order to improve their social skills, you can enroll them in puppy kindergarten classes. Take your pet to crowded parks, shopping malls and dog shops. Regularly invite visitors and bring your dog to meet your neighbors, which will help improve the social skills of your Belgian Malinois.

The temperament of Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is a worker, highly trained, and alert dog. Due to their high intelligence, sensitivity and alertness, they have also been proved to be protective pets for families and property because of their strong protective instinct. Their temperament makes them very suitable for the security service.

Is Malinois in Belgium aggressive?

If Belgian Malinois grew up with children and started socializing at a very young age, they would be very tolerant and you would never see them shy, afraid or aggressive. Although they can be extroverted and apathetic, they can start biting and chasing people’s heels because they are fed to graze. Compared with German shepherd, Belgian Malinois is smaller. Belgian Malinois are more aggressive than German shepherds. Both varieties are considered intelligent. Both can fulfill their obligations to protect. You have to know that the Belgian Malinova is faster and more energetic than the German shepherd.


Is it difficult to train Belgian Malinoisws?

By comparing them with other varieties, you will know that they are easy to train. If you want to achieve something from your Belgian Malinois, consider the intellectual level of your Marino people. Best of all, they have an intrinsic motivation that makes them easy to train.

Are female Belgian Malinois is better?

It’s easy for researchers to spot subtle differences between bitches. But the researchers are hesitant about the final conclusion of dog intelligence.

Can the Belgian Malinois be alone?

You can leave your Belgian Marino alone for two hours, but you can’t do it anymore, because it can cause separation anxiety and make your dog aggressive.